We Invite, They Commit, We Follow Up, They Get Baptized‏

Well, I forgot my journal today, for obvious reasons, so I’ll be going off my memory.

Dan committed to be baptized on the 17th of September! We’re so excited and so happy for him. Elder Brown says he can see the huge change that has taken place in his life. The gospel will do that for people. He’s so happy and kind. Quite the progressive change.
Beyond that, I can’t really remember. I really need my journal for this stuff.
Yeah, I have no clue.
I know we had squash and a meeting with Brother Harrison, our Ward Mission Leader, but those are because they are regular meetings. Oh. I know what happened.
We had a lesson with Jonathan. Taught him the Law of Chastity. He said he would follow it while we were there, but just as we were coming in for the night, we recieved a text from him saying that he talked to his girlfriend, and that they were planning on having a kid and he doesn’t want to join the church anymore. In fact, he said that he was never planning on changing from Catholicism apparently.
It’s so sad, only because as he was meeting with us and keeping our commitments, he got the job he wanted, things started working out in his favor, he started sleeping better and there was a visible change in his happiness levels. It’s sad because of how, now that he’s not going to live those things, God naturally has to revoke the blessings. . . . His life will slowly come crashing back down to the place he was before. . . .
But, we trust that the seed that has been planted will grow in time.
I don’t remember.
The days really just blend together a ton. I think we tracted, but again, I don’t remember. Yes. We tracted, and afterward had dinner with the Minton family. Brother Minton is the High Priest Group Leader and he’s super awesome. There are two types of HPGL’s: the kind that are boring and monotonous, and the kind that are super awesome. He just unfolded the scrolls to Elder Brown, basically. It was cool.
Even this I don’t remember.
Alright, well, I guess that’s a week. A very incomplete week. Every day I appreciate journals more and more. I think I can honestly say I’m glad I write in my journal every day. All of my past companions never write in their journals, and I’m just trying to imagine what it would be like if I wanted to remember what I did on my mission and I couldn’t do it at all. It would be sad.
Elder Jensen out.
(P.S. Just about spelled my last name “Jenson”.)

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