Missionary Week

From: Jim Jensen <jim.jensen@live.com>
Date: September 11, 2016 at 9:13:24 PM MDT
To: Susan Jensen <susan.jensen@hotmail.com>
Subject: Missionary week

Hey Elder,

If you don’t have your journal, you ought to get Elder Brown and head back to your apartment and get it. Last week’s letter was pretty light.

 We can’t go back and get it; we have mileage limitations, and we have to drive as little as possible, plus we don’t have the car, some other missionaries do.

We’re so excited to hear about Dan! Congratulations! He is going to be so grateful that he is making the right decision. So we will pray for him that everything will be awesome on Saturday!

 Yep, he’s still looking good. He’s super excited. My heart skips a beat every time the bishop jokes that Dan isn’t allowed to get baptized because Dan’s the only one who can counter Bishop in a comeback contest, but it’s obviously never true. Nevertheless, though, with the way Satan dominates, I worry that anyone else would use that as an excuse not to get baptized.

We thought about you today at church because we had the two area missionaries speak in Sacrament: Sister Cruz from Mississippi and Sister Schaderman from Oregon. I like Sister Cruz’s testimony because she joined the church 4 years ago when she was 19. Her single mother was baptized at the same time. She said she was really attracted to the doctrine of eternal families. It was kind of sad as she stood up there and said, “I’m not sealed to anyone right now.” She wasn’t sad, but full of hope for the future. It was a great talk. Sister Schaderman reminded me of Ari. She was way into the gospel.

 Yeah, there was an Elder named Elder Henson who thought he couldn’t testify of eternal families because his family isn’t sealed, but that’s not true, hahah.

I spent another week trying to salvage the project at work. Had to work till 1030 on Tuesday night. Kind of made up for having Monday off. This week I’ve got to go to lovely Newark, NJ, for another meeting with Mercedes. So lots of work and church meetings.

 Busy life, but at least the Lord is blessing us.

Athen started his new job at Best Buy in Orem. So far he seems to like it OK, but we’re trying to get him to aim higher. Joel had his second session with the counselor at LDS Family Services. He’s pretty tight-lipped about it, but he seems to be liking them OK.

 Those are interesting developments. Does Athen seem to be looking to moving out any times soon? And I can imagine Joel wouldn’t really want to talk about counseling and such.

One of the setters on Sariah’s team hurt her leg, so Sariah is saying she might try to fill in for her. We’re really encouraging it because she could get more playing time than she is playing middle. I’m trying to keep everyone positive. She’s in 9th grade playing on the JV team, so she shouldn’t expect a ton of playing time, but this may be a sign that she should make the move.

 That’s exciting. I hope everything does go well concerning that.

Anna’s doing well. Had a little meltdown this week trying to do math homework, but other than it was a pretty good week. She had two friends over on Saturday and they tried to swim, but we have the heater off now and the water’s getting pretty cold.

 Yeah, starting to hit that time of year again. That’s crazy. It’s weird to think that I’m redoing September right now.

I’m sending this over to Mom so she can add on her stuff.
Can’t wait to hear from you! I was in the 18th ward today and the 1C in the bishopric had the lesson in teacher’s quorum. His son, Sterling Dahl, just came back from Peru a month ago. He said there are a few days in your life that will forever stand out in your memory. The day you’re baptized, the day you open your mission call, the day you get married. And, he said, the day your son gets back from his mission is one of those days. I’m sure it is. We’re two weeks out from 11 months left. Crazy, but who’s counting.

 Pfft. Not I.

You’re the best. I love you and pray for you every day.
Love, Dad

Hey Babe
Dad didn’t say how I got a call from Annas bus driver. She has been disrespectful and telling the bus driver she’s not her boss. If she has one more incident she will be suspended from the bus. Anna has a little boyfriend at school. She’s so funny about it.
 Anna’s silly. Honestly, if you guys got a glimpse at 90% of Californian children, you’d be so grateful you have Anna instead! Hahah. Doesn’t excuse the behavior, obviously. Just making a statement.

   We all had to go to the dentist but if we got all the work he said we need done it would cost around $4000. I just don’t know how that’s possible! I want dr Miller back!

 Shoot. That’s a little costly. What happened to Dr. Miller?

     I’ve been busy fixing things around the house. It’s kind of constant. The pool is closing this week. It makes me sad that Summer is pretty much over. You can feel Fall in the air. 

 Not here.

     Do you hear anything from Jonathan or is that completely over?
 Not sure, to be honest.
 How is the air there? Are the fires out or still going.
 They’re out and such. Just the regular desert air now.
 Are you mostly walking or on a bike?
 Dad will try to figure out what happened to those DVDs. It says it was shipped. I wonder if someone stole them. We will order more.
     Ellory Osborn just got called to Madrid Spain. Pretty cool! I hope I get to chat with you a bit tomorrow.
Love you.

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