The Baptism of Dan . . . Whence Was It?

Of heaven, of course!

Shoot, what a long week. Again, won’t go into details of this current week until next p-day, but that’s okay. Deal with it.


I’m not really sure. My journal doesn’t say much at all.


I had exchanges with Elder Gibbons, my district leader, but he got sick that morning, so not much happened. We had to stay inside the day, so we just played board games and card games. I think he threw up a couple times or so. The Harrison’s brought us Panda Express.


We had Dan’s baptismal interview, and he passed, obviously! What an exciting day. The baptism was amazing. I’ll tell you about that in a bit. Other than that, though, we just had Lord’s Table again, where we just loaded and unloaded boxes, and we had some lunch at Apollo’s. I just got fries, because that’s enough to fill you.


Had a conference with Elder Dube of the quorum of the 70, which was kind of cool, but it dragged on way too long. We were at the same church building for 7 hours…. That literally took our whole day. I wish I could say I had many amazing take-aways, but I don’t.

Also, played Trivial Pursuit: Genius edition with Dan.

Elder Brown: “Okay, here’s your question Elder Jensen. Who … what? You’ve got to be kidding me…. Who’s half man and half vulcan?”

Me: “… What? That’s it? Freaking Spock, duh. The only easier question would be ‘Who is James T. Kirk?'”


Dan: “Who is the captain of the starship Enterprise?”

Me: “… Really?”


Oh man, Dan’s baptism. What a spiritual event! It’s so amazing to see someone like him come to his own terms that Jesus is the Christ and that His church was restored through Joseph Smith. He’s come a long way, and he deserves it. Elder Brown also sung “I Believe in Christ”, and that brought the Spirit so strongly. Even Bishop cried, and Bishop’s not a cryer.


Dan forgot to come get us and we nearly missed sacrament and his confirmation! We were super scared. We were calling around like crazy and were finally able to get a hold of Brother Harrison and ask him to come pick us up. He probably broke the law multiple times to get us in time, but he succeeded! We made it to sacrament just in time and got to stand in on the confirmation.

Whatever. God’s laws are more important, right?

Anyway, that’s it for this week. It was a weird freaking week. But I’m alive.

See you next week.

Elder Jensen out.


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