The Gospel Man

Hey Jonah Man!
How was your week?? We were bummed that you didn’t get to write much last week because of the stupid holiday!
 Well, I wrote about my week and sent it to you in a letter.
How are things going with your companion? Any good lessons this week?
 Nope, didn’t teach anybody, sadly. Still just trying to find new investigators.
We had a really good conference with Elder Norman R. Nemrow. He was a BYU “volunteer” professor in accounting and was twice voted a favorite all around teacher by the alumni in the 90s. He’s really smiley, kind of boisterous, loves the Lord and the scriptures and just seems like a really nice guy. Sort of a different persona than what I’m used to from general authorities.
 Hahah, yeah, that’s how Elder Dube was. He was definitely very childlike, if not almost childish.
The focus of his message was about loving the Lord. How do we help others to love the Lord more? The answer is to help them get to know the Lord more. But how do we do that? We need to talk them about Jesus and what kind of person He is. What he did, how he treated people, how he helped them and showed them the way. We need to love them the way Christ loved them so they can feel His love through us.
 This is very true. It’s pretty simple. The whole gospel is really simple. I really like the thing John Pennington said about the third time that Satan tried to tempt Jesus in His fast.
He made a comment in the priesthood leadership meeting this morning that really impressed me. In order to have influence in the lives of our children, they need to know that you love them. Many times our interactions with our children are based on our fear of what others will think of us if our children don’t turn out a certain way. People (our children) can sense when our behavior toward them is motivated not by love, but by the fear of looking bad. “I’m making you do this because I don’t want people to think I didn’t raise you right.”
Mom and I had a great talk on our walk today because she was being persecuted by so-called friends who were looking down on her for being obedient to every word of the prophet and not being able to think for herself. Calling her “judgmental” and saying she was looking down on people who don’t closely follow the prophet. Their argument, like many other people, was, “Getting tattoos or body piercings is a personal choice. God will not love me any less if I do these things.” We couldn’t have agreed more. The Lord’s love for us is beyond question. But what is in question is our love of the Lord. What are we willing to “lay down” for Him? Is it a small thing? And if we are unwilling to lay down a small thing, what then becomes of us when we are asked to lay down our life?
 It’s very true. These people are just breaking the Lord’s heart as they do what will drive them away from the Lord. Whenever I think about this kind of stuff, I always think about “His Grace is Sufficient” by Brad Wilcox.
Athen continues to to well at Best Buy. He told us he was 5th in the district (we aren’t sure how big of an area that is) in revenue. He will be working 50 hours next week. 
 Wow, nice.
Someone left the garage door open this week and Mom left her purse in the car and someone came in the garage, went in Mom’s car, and stole her purse. The used the credit card at about 10 stores before Chase finally started declining it. We ended up having to cancel our credit card, debit cards, our business debit card, and close our checking account. She had to go get a new driver’s license and I put a fraud alert on her social security number. Major pain. But we’re grateful that it wasn’t worse.
 Sheesh. It seems like every week something crazy happens. Keep maintaining a positive attitude and just live after the manner of happiness like the Nephites, I guess.
Sariah got to play JV again this week and had private lessons at Club V in Bountiful on Saturday. She got to serve a lot in the game. I didn’t get to go, but Mom said she was doing great.
 That’s awesome to hear.
Joel had fun with his Katie at the Sadies dance. She works with him at AF rec center as a life guard and he said he’d probably do something with her again because she’s really fun.
 That’s awesome to hear.
We had our parent teach conference with Anna’s teacher this week. She’s a challenge at school too, but her teacher was really nice. She got back on the bus this week. Hopefully, she learned her lesson last week after having to bike to school all week after getting kicked off the bus.
 Hahah, hopefully.
It’s crazy to think, but you’re about down to 10 months left. Keep the faith and finish strong. I know you’re going to work hard to the very end!  I love you, Bud. Have a great week!!
 Yeah, I know. It’s so weird. I don’t even know what to think

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