It rained, so that’s cool.


Monday night I went to write in my journal, picking it up and noticing a small ball of fuzz sitting on the end of it, and I was like, “Cool. I’ll just blow it off.” So I blow, and nothing happens. I blow again, harder, and not a budge. Then, as I got a closer look, I realized that a large spider of some dark and foreboding origin had slithered from the crags of darkness in the far reaches of the apartment, crawled up on top of my journal, then curled up and died there as a nice present for me. So, that night, I decided to forego writing. Oh, and also sleeping.
Anyway, tracted and found a potential investigator named Katrina and a lost member named Jason! Both seemed very promising.
We were supposed to have a lesson with Katrina, but she wasn’t home, so we just tracted. Ran into Jason again, who promised us he would try everything he could to make it to church on Sunday (unfortunately, he didn’t), and we met a woman named Carol Nicholas who said we could come by and teach her! We’re excited for that.
Had Squash 4 Friends, and a meal at Squash that probably provided me with approximately two minutes of intensely fluctuating energy. That’s about it.
Biked a big circle around the area and gave some pictures I drew to Dan and Reatha:


I hope they liked them. They said thanks, but didn’t tell me directly anything like, “These look really good” or anything. I mean, Reatha really expressed how much she liked them, but it could’ve been more of a sentimentality thing than anything else.
Also, received the crushing new that Sister McElhinney died…. Totally out of the blue. She’s just a sister in the ward who’s fed us many meals. She was perfectly healthy, and then her daughter walked into her home on Friday to find her dead upon her bed…. Her husband was out of town as well….
We helped build a big shed, nailing 2×4’s together and stuff like that, from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, and then immediately afterward we went to Bryan Bernal’s, one of the recent converts, and shared with him about the priesthood. He apparently didn’t know how to get the priesthood, so we told him and he was all over that! Very exciting.
Didn’t even get home tonight until 10:20, and we still had to hang up clothes and stuff so that we didn’t break the Sabbath, and I pulled a Wilford Woodruff in not letting my head hit the pillow before writing about the day, so after the shed building and the biking and stuff, I was dead tired.
Not much, really. It rained, so that’s cool.
Well, there’s my week. I’ll try to send some pictures!
Elder Jensen out.
From: Dad
Hey Jonah,
Hope you had a great week! I’m excited to hear about it.
Mom and I went to California and stayed in Carmel to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. (A little early.) We had a great time together and are so excited to be so happy after 25 years. Mom will probably send some pics.
 Oh, when is your anniversary? And, I keep forgetting; can you send me everyone’s birthday and age? Ha ha.
I’m headed to Dallas for a couple days in the morning, so I probably won’t get to see your update until Monday night. I’m sure you’re going strong!
 Yep, everything is going well enough.
Mom and I were coming back from our trip on Sunday and since we didn’t get to go to church, we had a little devotional in the car. We listened to the Mo Tab channel on Pandora and a couple conference talks from the Gospel library. It made me think how much I love Sundays. No matter how far away I get during the week, the Sabbath is always there to pull me back down to earth. Feeling the Spirit like today just makes me feel like I’m home. It gives me perspective and makes the complicated world seem simple. It makes me feel like a child again. That is how I know the gospel is true, because of the peace it brings into my life.
 The church is so true. I’m trying really hard to get all my non-member friends I’m e-mailing to understand that. Sundays are amazing. It’s just unfortunate you had to miss the sacrament. I wish you didn’t have to get permission from your bishop to bless the sacrament for yourself.
We continue to pray for you and your area. We pray that your faith will be strong and that you will find those who need to hear your testimony. Don’t you wish everyone would listen to what you say and that you could help them feel what you feel? The joy and peace of the spirit can make everyone’s lives so much better.
 I really do wish that. I keep reading over my patriarchal blessing and it talks about the gift of Faith, and I hope I can exemplify that.
We miss you tons, but we’re so proud of you. We have been so blessed while you are on your mission.
Here’s the family update.
I finally decided I have to vote for Donald Trump in the election this year. Normally I’m safe to vote third party, but Trump and Clinton are so close in Utah that I can’t risk letting her win the state. Like I’m saying on my updated Twitter profile, “Any enemy of that many elite politicians, CEOs, intellectuals, celebrities, news anchors, and liberals is a friend of mine.”
 Ha ha, Trump is such an interesting guy, to say the least. 
Mom trashed her back working out this week, so it was really stiff on our trip. Fortunately, it felt better when we were walking and hiking, which we did a lot of. Also, her Aunt Darlene died yesterday in Fillmore. Susan and Laurie visited her on the way to the Shakespeare festival a few weeks ago and said she looked really bad. They thought it would be the last time they would see her and they were right.
 Man, that’s a strange amount of deaths this week. There was another one in a nearby ward last week. It’s sad, in a way.
Hardly laid eyes on Athen this week, so I’m not sure what he’s up to. But he met a nice old man at Best Buy that is really pressuring him to get engaged. It’s pretty funny.
 Ha ha, yeah, he needs to get married! Although, at this point, he can probably wait just a couple months and I’ll be home for it!
Joel seems to be doing better lately. Right now he’s online laughing and yelling at his video game friends. He is also become a serious ukulele collector and is looking at buy a bass ukulele which is about the size of a guitar, but only had 4 strings.
 That’s good to hear. I’ve heard that things with his main friend group are a little divided, which is sad. Satan must be working on that group because there’s a lot of potential for change there.
Sariah is really excited about her new coaches at Club V in Bountiful. She will be trying out there for club soon and has made a few trips for private lessons that are really helping her. She’s also got a goal to get straight A’s at least one term and she’s very close now. You wouldn’t believe how much homework she is doing each night.
 Wow, that’s awesome to hear. I hope she can accomplish her goals!
Anna had a good weekend while we were gone and spent a couple nights at Grandma Jensen’s and then Saturday night Klarah’s in Daybreak. We think she learned her lesson and hasn’t be kicked off the buss again the last couple weeks.
 That’s good, ha ha.
That’s about it! Have a great week and we’ll talk to you soon.
All My Love,
From: Mom:
Hey Jonah! Make sure you reply all when you respond to these.
 Sorry, I usually just press the reply button because it’s right there and easiest to see. Kind of a muscle memory thing.
Dad pretty much summed it up. Except I hurt my back like three weeks ago and it still hasn’t gotten any better.
 Ouch…. Have you gotten a blessing?
And my aunt didn’t die yesterday. She died on Friday. She had a heart attack. She was in bad shape so this is better. She’s like 15 years younger than my uncle but he’s been way healthier.
 Mm… That’s sad. But it’s the way of all the earth.
     I feel bad that you haven’t been able to respond to my emails. I’m going to send pictures in a separate one in case that is messing it up. I loved Carmel! You would like California if you were there. It is beautiful. I hope you get to go to a prettier place at some point on your mission. Thanks so much for your written letter! Got it after talking to you last.
 Upland isn’t bad. I think Rancho is probably the prettiest, I would assume (other than Big Bear or Rightwood).
     I’m going to swear off reading too much political stuff. I get too upset inside. I hate how it makes me feel. I just need to focus on the gospel. You are lucky to not be wrapped up in this.
  Yeah, I know what you mean. Just rely on the Spirit to guide you in everything.
Not much else to say here so I’m out!
Madre 💕💕❤️love you Jonah!!

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