No Group Letter This Week


Dad’s Letter to Jonah and His Response:

Well, Happy Halloween!

I guess you guys won’t be the only ones out tracting tonight? Although I’ve heard some missionaries are told to stay indoors on All Hallowed’s E’en. We carved a few pumpkins, but it seems like the big thing this year is painting them. Crazy kids. Whatever happened to the good ‘ole jack-o-lantern?
We are required to. It gets dangerous at night on Halloween in California, ha ha.
This was a weird week for me. Right after getting back form Carmel on Sunday, I flew back out to Dallas on Monday and got back Tuesday evening. That threw me off on the week and it seemed like I was a day ahead the whole week. That made the week seem longer than normal. Time is such a weird thing.
That’s always annoying. Things like that happen here and there on the mission.
The weather has been cooperating and now that October is over, I can say we thankfully cheated winter out of a few weeks. It was 70 on Saturday and perfect for raking leaves.

You should receive your ballot soon. I would recommend voting for Trump. (Never thought I’d hear myself say that.) This week was wild because the FBI opened up their investigation on Hilary Clinton again because they found thousand of her emails on a laptop owned by the husband of her chief of staff, Huma Abedin. Abedin’s husband, Anthony Wiener, is a disgraced congressman from NY who resigned after being caught texting pictures of himself in his underwear to people other than his wife. The FBI was investigating him because he was recently found to be sexting with a 15-year-old girl, probably from his laptop with all of Hilary’s emails on it. Man, is it ever messed up. Therefore, there’s nothing left to do but vote for Trump.
Yeah, I know. The world is crazy. But hey, the sooner we get worse, the sooner Jesus Christ gets to come down, lol. That’s all I can apply to make it any better
Make sure you read the instructions and sign the ballot and get a stamp on it and get it in the mail ASAP! It has to be postmarked before next Tuesday.
Okay, I’ll try. never voted before, so hopefully I can do it quick.
I was going to tell you that I had a dream about you the other night. In it you just showed up at home and none of us knew you were coming home. It was strange cause you just acted like everything was normal, but in the dream I knew you weren’t supposed to be home yet. But it was super-good to see you and hug you!
Yeah, I’ve had a lot of those. The worst ones were at the beginning of my mission, but now it’s been long enough that it feels like I actually could be home when I have those dreams!
We had a couple great talks in Sacrament meeting today. One about an adopted kid who was called on a mission to Lansing, MI, where is biological parents were from. His uncle lived there and was the ward mission leader so he ate dinner there a lot and played with his cousins, but he didn’t find any of this out until 20 years later when he did a DNA test. Weird things was that he had studied languages hard in high school cause he really wanted to be called to a mission overseas and was super-disappointed when he got called to Lansing. But after a couple decades, it all made sense.
I’ve heard about that. That’s a cool story
The other talk was about a dad whose teenage daughter was going off the path. Her parents tried all the usual threats and punishments but nothing worked. They prayed a lot and went to the temple. In the temple once, they both got the same inspiration: that they needed to show their love to her more, no matter that she was making choices that would lead to her sadness. One night her father woke up and felt like he needed to pray for her. So he prayed in the middle of the night and got the inspiration to send her a text message. He sent, “I love you and hope you are safe.” Within minutes she texted him back with an address and said, Please come get me! He flew out of the house and drove downtown to find her sitting on the porch of a house with a party going on. They drove home together in silence. Several months later, she confided that she followed the wrong crowd to this house party and all of the kids were taking turns doing hard drugs. She felt horrible and knew that it was wrong but didn’t know how to get out of it. The peer pressure was intense. Just then her phone lit up with a text message from her dad saying, “I love you and I hope you are safe.” That was all she needed to break away from the kids and ask him to come get her. She knew that God answered her prayers and the prayers of her father and because of that, she turned her life around, got rid of all her wrong friends, and ended up going on a mission. She was a firm believer in the tender mercies of the Lord.
Man, that is an amazing story…. I was reading in Mosiah today and read something similar to that. Mosiah 27, where it talks about how Alma and the sons of Mosiah are going around destroying the church of God, but people were praying for them with so much faith that the angel had to come to them and strike them down.
I love that story.
Hope you have a great week! Looking forward to your letter. Seems like you guys should be up for transfers again soon, so you’ll have to let us know what’s going on.
Well, you’ll know on Monday, ha ha.
Oh, and by the way, I remember when I was a new member, I didn’t know how to get the priesthood either. I was wishing there was a “new member manual” telling you what ordinances and covenants to pursue next and in what order. I was kind of lost. So don’t take it for granted that everyone is just going to know what to do after they get baptized. I think sometimes as members, things are so obvious to us that we don’t bother explaining them to new members.

Adios, Amigo!

All my love,



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