Streak Down

The last week of the transfer. This transfer really flew by.

I gave a training in district meeting which went pretty good, actually. Apparently, while I was giving the training, Sister Mumford and Brown thought to themselves that I’d make a good *district leader.
Taught a lesson to Yesenia, which went really well! She had lots of awesome questions that could be answered perfectly by the truths taught in the church, and she definitely felt the Spirit there. She might be moving soon if relationships with her and her husband don’t improve drastically, though….
Exchanges with Elder Gibbons. It was full of service and service with more service. I really like Elder Gibbons though, he’s an awesome guy. Basically, we started with service at Lord’s Table, then had lunch shortly, because we had service thirty minutes after we got home. We went to the service and the people weren’t there, so we came back and finished lunch, then went to a baptismal interview for the Santa Fe sisters. Elder Gibbons gave that. Also, I left both my belt and my proselyting shoes at home, so we went back to my apartment and grabbed those before heading back to the Mojave River ward and doing more service.
Then, we had dinner and worked on fixing up my Nerf gun to make it look cooler and work better.
Well, not much happened. We helped Dan out a bit with building stuff, and had dinner at the Garcia’s–an experience which I never want to relive. The first thirty minutes to an hour were spent with Brother Garcia showing us YouTube videos that certainly did not invite the spirit (especially because one was a video of this black guy, who thought he knew everything about the Bible, Bible bashing with some of our missionaries and insulting them and stuff), then as we tried to teach a lesson, Sister Garcia was arguing with us about doctrine! It was like, “What the freak are you talking about? You’re not even active in the church, and you’re trying to correct the Restoration lesson?
Luckily, though, Brother Garcia and Moses (their son) were on our side.
The whole day was spent trying to weekly plan and failing miserably, but still eventually finishing somehow.
*I got called to be a district leader. Thanks, President Taylor, for ruining my streak of not getting any leadership.
Worked on Brother O’Day’s shed all day again, then did laundry until 10:25. Barely made it home in time.
Pretty much nothing. Dan and Reatha tried to argue with us about doctrinal topics again, and I snapped (a little) and was just like, “I’ve been a member of the church for nineteen years. I know how fasting works.”
I think I was grumpy because of fasting.
Well, there’s my week! It was a good one. I’ll send everyone a vlog of my last week, actually, so look for that. If you don’t get it, I don’t know how the world works.
Elder Jensen out.
On Sun, Nov 6, 2016 at 8:19 PM, Susan Jensen <> wrote:

Hello my wonderful son! I hope this week has been good. We just had the Weeks family over for dinner. They are getting their kitchen remodeled so it’s not easy to cook dinner. I just love that family. I’m so comfortable around them.
 They’re an awesome family. He was a great Young Men’s President. Is he still the YMP?
Lone Peak varsity volleyball won the State championship! It was intense. Super close against PG with the score going back and forth. Sariah has club tryouts tomorrow. I hope she will get on a top team with a good coach.
 That’s awesome. Some people out here know about the legend of Lone Peak, but mostly because of TJ Haws and Tyler Haws who both play for BYU basketball now, ha ha.
Halloween was fun because I saw so many cute kids and got several big hugs from my primary kids. I love my primary kids!!Daylight savings is making me tired. I feel like I need to go to bed now. Is it getting dark early there? On the FB Rancho page I was told transfers are today so I’m wondering what will be happening with you. I saw you in a group picture someone posted. I loved seeing you with all the other missionaries!
 Yeah, it’s dark around 5:30 now, I guess, lol. But, I’m staying in the area with Elder Francis, so all is good.
Moki died. Dotty is sad. But she wasn’t doing to well.
 Awww, that’s really sad…. Do you think Grandma will get a new dog?
I’m not sure again with Athen and Katie. He said she hates people “pushing” it on her. Who’s pushing it. She was the one talking about them like they were getting married. I like her but it’s like he is walking on eggshells most of the time. Time will tell.
 Yeah, that’s true. If only he could go into the temple and ask; I feel like he’d have his answer right away!
Joel got himself a new drum set. He’s pretty excited about it. Looks nice.
 That’s awesome. I’m sure he’ll tell me about it.
That’s all I can think of for this week. I love you sweetie!!! 😘

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On Sun, Nov 6, 2016 at 8:39 PM, Jim Jensen <> wrote:

Hey Elder!
Do you have any news today? Must be kind of strange knowing that your life could completely change every six weeks.  As far as the people you’re around and the people you’re living with. What’s that like? When I was in college, I sometimes changed roommates and residence every six months to a year, but that’s an eternity compared to your time line.
 Nope, everything’s still the same. But, the Upland zone has mostly reformed up here in the Hesperia A zone. It’s definitely a weird experience. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but when I went back down to Upland and saw how many people actually really liked me, it became a bit of a different experience.
We had Andy Weeks and his family over for dinner. He said that a friend of his had a son that just got called down to Rancho mission. I didn’t get his name, but it was fun to talk about the coincidence.
 Whoa, you need to find out about that, ha ha.
Daylight savings time ended, so now it gets darker and I get tireder earlier.
Hopefully I’ll get to email with you on Monday. I’m headed to Atlanta in the afternoon and won’t be back until late Wednesday night. Meeting with Mercedes-Benz again.
 That’s cool. Is that going well?
Did you have any good meetings or lessons this week? I know you’re super-busy, but we haven’t heard many details from you the last few weeks.
 I’m gonna’ actually send a Vlog home.
We had a good testimony this week. How are the testimony meetings in your ward? Are the saints bearing good testimony?
 Yeah, there’s tons and tons of converts here, so everyone has great testimonies. I really love the testimonies of the little kids.
Last week flew by again. My calling is keeping me busy. I worked on stake YM stuff for 5 hours on Thursday night. I had a meeting for it at 7 a.m. this morning. It’s a lot and won’t really let up until after the high adventure in June.
 Ha ha, well, luckily, since this is the latter half of my mission, the months will go by quick from what I’ve heard.
I spent some time this weekend clicking around on It’s unbelievably amazing what they’re doing now. They are starting to bring in all of the indexing records they have had indexers creating and help you to link images of the indexed source documents to your ancestors. It lets you look at the death certificate (or whatever) image and try to verify that it applies to your ancestor. It’s incredibly easy to do. It’s actually kind of fun too because it works so well.
 Yeah, I wish I could do family history work a bit more out here, but since we can’t go on non-LDS sites, that makes it hard.
Don’t know if you noticed, but the Church did a world wide broadcast on Saturday. Elder Holland led a discussion for the new teacher’s councils in the church. I haven’t watched it yet cause it was over 90 minutes. I was just wondering if you got to watch it or heard anything about it.
 I have not. Haven’t gotten on a computer until now.
Family’s doing well. Lone Peak girls VB won the state championship last night and it was great fun to watch. Some pretty athletic and talented girls. That will Sariah in a few years now that they have a great new coach.
 Yeah, it definitely will be her someday.
Welp, time to hit the hay.
Can’t wait to hear from you!
All my love,

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