The First and the Last (District Meeting)

On Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 5:16 AM, Jim Jensen <> wrote:
What a crazy week!
Hope you got a chance to vote. There was nothing more funny than watching Trump win the election. I was in Atlanta and I watched Fox News on TV, and I had the NY Times and Bing up on my laptop watching the votes pour in for him. The entire world is shocked. There have been protests in the big cities all across the country from the America-haters who can’t stand a democracy.
 Yeah, I voted. I voted for Trump.
When the night started out, Bing showed Clinton with an 89.7% chance of winning the election. These crazy left-wing media people have totally drank their own cool-aid and fallen for their own propaganda. They have been publishing fake polls all year long showing Clinton was in the lead and now they’re all shocked.
 That’s what I heard, about the media thing, ha ha.
This is what the electoral map ended up looking like. (Let me know if it doesn’t come through and I’ll send it as an attachment.) The dark red states are the one’s Trump “flipped” from usually voting Democrat to voting for him.

There are some great videos floating around of celebrities mocking Trump on TV saying he’s never going to be president that it was a joke that he was running. It shows how massively they underestimated the anger the population has against the corrupt government elite.

 Yeah, I know. I mean, he seemed like he was going to be an idiot either way, but now I’m starting to feel that maybe things will be okay, if Satan is stirring up the hearts of the people against him so strongly.
Anywho. So sounds like you had some members arguing with you guys about the restoration and fasting doctrine. That’s kind of awkward. The missionaries are called and set apart and have the Spirit with them. It would probably do you well to learn from them.
 Lol yeah….
Sounds like you had a lot of service last week. It would be cool if you could tell us what the project you worked on was when you tell us about your service. Even if it was just cleaning out someone’s garage.
 It was building a shed, I believe.
I think I forgot to mention this last week, but I got another unexpected bonus at work a few weeks ago. So much is changing at our work from the owner’s of our company to our fiscal year start/end that it’s hard to keep track of where we’re at. I won’t say how much, but let’s just say it easily pays for your entire mission again. I can’t tell you how blessed we have been as a family while you’re out. 
 Holy cow, that’s amazing to hear…. The Lord does treat us very well, ha ha.
It was a pretty normal week here at home. My trip to Mercedes in Atlanta went really well. We (sorta) celebrated Anna’s Gotcha Day. Joel and I watched some YouTube videos about how the sum of all natural numbers to infinity is -1/12. They can prove it mathematically.
 That’s interesting. Not sure how useful, but interesting, ha ha. Probably furthering the human race in some way.
Sariah is getting geared up for club volleyball season. She’s going to be playing for Club V this year (the club owned by the head coach of Lone Peak). We had a parents meeting Saturday and I was very impressed with their philosophy and style. Unfortunately, it’s in Bountiful so we’ll be driving a lot.
 Oh, that sounds like fun. What’s their “philosophy and style”?
Athen’s been going to Katie’s more so I don’t think I even saw here this week. But he seems to be happy right now.
Congrats on being a district leader. You’re the best! I know this year is going to fly by for me with my YM stake calling having to plan out stake high adventure next June. It already feels like we’re running out of time. Ha!
 Eh, leadership doesn’t really mean much, ha ha. They drill that into your head on the mission.
You are having such an amazing and successful mission! I’m so proud of you and am looking forward to learning from you growing together.
Keep the faith and keep working hard! 
All my love,
P.S. Hope you got some new pants.

 P.S. I did.

Jonah David Jensen
Today, 12:47 PM
Susan Jensen (

Yeah, I know. You’d never expect Dad to be as old as he is. That might sound rude, but it’s a compliment, I promise.

We do not have any Thanksgiving plans yet. Nobody loves us quite as much as Shrelle and Bre did.
Anna’s looking cute as always, ha ha.