A Week of Nothingness

A week of nothingness. I’ll give you some highlights if there are any, but we had zeroes in all of our categories of numbers this week.

Forgot to write in my journal. I didn’t even notice it until now. I must’ve been pretty tired.

On the way home and we pulled up to this intersection to press the crosswalk button. I wave at this African American guy who is standing beside this Caucasian girl.
“Hello!” I said cheerfully.
Without responding to the greeting, he asked, “Do you guys have the Mormon Bible?”
I paused for a second. “Yes, we do. Would you like one–”
“Who do you worship?” he added.
I quickly gave an answer I was very confident in. “Jesus Christ.”
“Jesus Christ isn’t God–!” commented the lady, but she was cut off by the man.
“Who started your church?”
I gave a mental sigh and a longer pause. “Joseph Smith.” The Spirit was warning me of the man’s intentions of arguing and told me to get prepared to leave.
“Tell me a little about Joseph Smith. I bet I know some things that you don’t know.” His voice was argumentative.
“Sir,” I replied courteously, after which the Spirit prompted me to say, “we don’t want to argue with anyone.”
It was clear the man was taken aback in surprise that the Spirit had discerned his intentions and his tone immediately switched from the offensive to the defensive: “I don’t want to argue! You’re supposed to tell me about Joseph Smith! You are Mormons, right? Tell me about Joseph Smith!”
Another mental sigh and I pondered for a short moment, to which I was prompted to simply say, “We believe Joseph Smith was a prophet, just like Moses, Abraham and Isaiah.”
“And what did he find?” it was clear that his original intentions were shattered.
“What? Do you mean the golden plates?”
“Yeah; and let me tell you something:” he leaned in close and continued, “those plates … are not of this world….”
I blinked and said, “Yep,” full well knowing that they were of heaven and not of man.
He nodded and then proceeded to walk out into the intersection across the grain of the current oncoming traffic who still had a green light.

Anyway, I felt like Amulek versus Zeezrom.

I ripped my pants while preparing for a Nerf war with the Mojave River Elders, but Dan fixed them, so don’t worry.
Other than that, I had Thanksgiving dinner with the Wales family, which was very good. It was tasty, and he made some good Key Lime Pie.

Nothing written.

Exchanges in the Mojave River Ward with Elder Cooke, this time. It was a good exchange, for the most part. We did a long bike ride down into the depths of their area and taught two new investigators the Restoration; this lesson was very hazardous in the beginning, but in the end we both gave very fervent testimonies of the divine authenticity of the Book of Mormon, and the Spirit most assuredly permeated the environment. I hope to hear many good things from the Mojave River Ward.
It did rain that da

On Nov 28, 2016, at 12:24 PM, Jonah David Jensen <jensen.jonah@myldsmail.net> wrote:

No, they’ll be good now (the pants). Besides I’ve already spent a large sum of money recently….

Oh, by the way! I was wondering something. We’re having a Nerf war soon in zone activity, and I was wondering if today at the store I could buy a Nerf gun for that and just have that be part of Christmas. Is that okay with you guys? If not, it’s fine, you can say so!

y, so we had to stay in partially.

Dan fixed my pants.

There’s the week. Sorry it was so boring, but at least you didn’t have to live it.

Elder Jensen out.

On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 4:59 AM, Jim Jensen <jim.jensen@live.com> wrote:

Hey Jonah!
I was glad to see your zone conferences are getting better. I remember when you first were out you were saying how boring they were. Kind of makes me wonder whether the conferences are getting better or you are?  Hmmm. Then I read how you are seeing Elder Memmott as an “awesome and very loving leader” and I’m sure it’s you that’s getting better. It’s great to see what a powerful force a mission can be for changing a man’s life, whether it’s yours or Dan’s. It could take a normal person like me years to change the way I see people without the benefit of devoting all day every day to the work of the Lord. I’m really looking forward to next summer and getting to know you again.
 Thank you, Dad. It was District Meetings, actually, that I didn’t like, but I like them now.
We had tithing settlement with the bishop yesterday and he told us how much he enjoys reading your letters. He also said he wished Brady had written more. We have a new family in our ward whose son just left for Portland, OR, and he only writes a sentence or two each week, his Mom said. So I guess we’re lucky that you like to write.
 Ha ha, yeah, I guess that’s a good thing. I mean, it’s tempting to write shorter letters, because then I can spend more time just focusing on talking to people, but it’s whatever. After all, the Stake President promised that “the better the letter, the better the missionary”.
That was a cool story about your visit to the Green Tree ward. It sounds like you guys are getting how to do street contacting and not being offended when people say they’re not interested in our church. I taught a lesson on a similar topic in high priests last week. We were studying President Hunter’s lesson on Faith and Testimony. In one part, PH says how he has sympathy for young people who have doubts about the church. I asked the high priests if we have sympathy for non believers or people struggling with doubts or going inactive. They said no, we usually get defensive with them, have fear that they are going to influence our children, look down on them, and a bunch of other negative reactions. I felt the spirit teaching when I said we don’t have to defend the gospel to these people. God is perfectly capable of defending it. I emphasized that we should stand as witnesses, but we don’t have to “prove” that it’s true. The truthfulness of the gospel is self-evident for anyone who will listen. Add in the Holy Ghost and it is undeniable. It’s when we turn away from the spirit and let ourselves be influenced more by the philosophies of men that our faith begins to fail. I asked, should we expose our children to these “philosophies of men, mingled with scripture”. And I answered most emphatically, yes! If we are not exposing them to it and discussing it with them, then we are not reading the Book of Mormon with them. Because there is not better discussion and revealer of the doctrines of Satan than the Book of Mormon.
 I agree. A great example of that is John Pennington’s experience with the person trying to insult church, and how he responded with, “It doesn’t matter if I can’t remember what happened on Sunday.” The Spirit will always put things into our mind to help us retort when necessary, and if it isn’t necessary to retort, then he will speak peace to our mind to help us know that the Gospel is still true anyway.
Thanksgiving was nice. We were all glad it’s our last one to have without you and Garrett for a while. It was nice to have a couple days off work, but I’m sort of dreading going back. Not really, but it’s never super fun to go back after being off.
 Yeah, I’m excited to get to spend Thanksgiving with you guys again. You guys getting off of breaks is like us leaving a good p-day, ha ha.
It was interesting to hear you say you’re getting excited to get married. You’re going to be busy when you get home. 
Sounds like you guys were freezing last week. The warm is really trying to hang on here and it was in the 50s on Saturday. This is nice because November is about over and it hasn’t gotten very cold so that’s one month less of winter. We were under a winter storm warning since Saturday night, but so far no snow.
Well, I’m excited for your letters again today. Fortunately, Thanksgiving is not on Monday so hopefully the libraries will be open today and you can email us. I’m super-proud of you and how successful your mission has been so far. I know our family has been so blessed.
 Yep, I’m here, ha ha
Have a great week! All my love,

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