Nighty night, Francis!

(A storybook by Elder Jensen.)


With thanks to Elder Francis, who slept the entire time. A very convincing role.

Once upon a time, Elder Francis was trying to sleep next to his favorite stuffed animals,






One night, Camelord and Bearringtonetta were reading him a bedtime story.


This is Elder Francis’ favorite time of day. He falls to sleep “bear”y easily.

Then, when they finished the story, they simply had to test to see if he was awake!


After jumping on his face seventeen times, they knew for sure: Elder Francis was asleep!

Then, when they were sure he was asleep, the next thing they did as they do every night,


was shove a pencil up his nose!

It took a little bit, but they got it all the way inside his frontal lobe!


“Great job, Camelord! You really are the ‘lord’ of shoving pencils into frontal lobes!” said Bearringtonetta.

They both giggled loudly and maniacally as lightning flashed ominously through the apartment.

With their friend, Elder Francis, deep in sleep and the pencil safely and securely lodged in place,

Camelord and Bearringtonetta decided to play some games!


Monopoly is a favorite of Bearingtonetta’s. She is very good.

She mentally, emotionally and physically destroyed Camelord in this game!

Then, they played some cards.


Camelord is very good at cards! He won Bearrington’s soul back again in a round of poker!

Then, when they played all the games they could play, they watched a movie.


It was a very good movie. Too bad Elder Francis wasn’t awake to see it!

About when they put away the television, Elder Francis woke up again.

When he saw them on his bed, he rejected them.


“Well, looks like we’re orphans again!” said Camelord with a cheerful cadence.

Then, the two high-fived and jettisoned off into the galaxy.


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