A Short Week

I don’t have a ton of time today, and not much happened this week, so I’ll be grazing over what happened.


I brought ice cream to district meeting, which made many happy faces. That was fun. Other than that, though, and a really long and cold bike-ride home which I should have prepared better for, not much happened.


Did some service for this lady. The service was good, it was fun, made her house look nice, but it smelled like we slept in a dragon’s stomach because of how stained with the smell of smoke her entire house was. It was pretty gross. I’m surprised she has lungs left.


Exchanges with Elder Olson. It was fun. We pretty much spent the whole time talking about dragons and stuff, because I guess he likes dragons.

We also taught Dan a lesson about blessing the sacrament, and he committed to bless the sacrament next week!

Then, my bike mysteriously had a popped tire when we were at the highest and furthest point of our area, so we called, like, twenty people and finally got a ride home from the Dements.

Also, Elder Olson and I ended up playing the dragon game. Yey.


Pretty much nothing.

I just realized we’ve forgotten to weekly plan this week.


We helped Reatha put up her Christmas lights, which, not joking, took literally the entire day and we didn’t even finish because it was so cold out by 7:30.


Sick day.

Well, that’s the end of the week. When I e-mail you again, I hope to be in this area, but I probably won’t be.

Elder Jensen out.


On Mon, Dec 5, 2016 at 5:10 AM, Jim Jensen <jim.jensen@live.com> wrote:

Hey Jonah,

The week went by really fast again, which is kind of surprising for the week after a holiday.

Yesterday was fast Sunday and I want to share this story that was told in Sacrament meeting. If you remember a few months ago, I shared the story about the guy who was serving in the military in Iraq and promised a friend investigator in a blessing when she was transferred to another area that the first person she met when she got off the plane would be a Mormon. That Mormon that met her at the plane was Jason Shelton, the guy in our ward.

Jason lost his brother and his father to death at different times this past year, so it’s been a hard year for his family. I’m grateful that they had this experience I’m about to share. His wife, Kim, shared this in testimony meeting yesterday.

Jason’s father loved fishing. He loved it so much that he collected little statues of fish and kept them on a bookshelf in his house. Some of them were really nice and some of them, according to Kim, were kind of ugly and “cheesy”.

Jason’s four year old son, Maddox, loved those fish statues. Whenever they visited his Grandpa’s house, Maddox would spend an hour or more just sitting in front of the shelf looking at the fish. Everyone knew how much Maddox loved those fish so before his Grandpa died, he made sure all his fish would go to Maddox.

Through all the sadness and busyness of Grandpa’s passing, the fish ended up in a bag in Jason’s trunk for a few months. Finally, when things calmed down, they decided to get some of the fish out and put them on a shelf for Maddox in his room. Jason and Kim decided that they would only put out the nice fish because, in their minds, the others were just too junky. Plus, they said to each other, Maddox would never know the difference.

Kim told Jason that his dad would be angry if he knew that Jason was throwing away some of his fish statues, but Jason, said, “Yea, he would be, but he’s not here, so were going to toss them.”

Once the fish were in Maddox’s room, he spent a long time admiring them. Later Kim went in and asked, “Do you like your new fish display?”

Maddox asked, “When can we put up the rest of the fish?”

Kim said, “There aren’t any more, Honey. We put them all here.”

Maddox said, “No. There’s still more. Come on. I’ll show you.” He took her outside and went to the car and patted the trunk and said, “They’re in here.”

Jason and Kim were shocked. The fish had probably been in there for months. How would a four year old know that or remember all those fish? So they asked him, “Sweetie, how do you know there’s more fish in the trunk?”

Maddox said, “Because Grandpa told me. I saw him! He’s still alive!”

 Holy cow, that’s insane.

This story is amazing. First it shows that when people die, they’re still alive it’s just that most of us can’t see them. Second, it shows that the dead are still aware of things happening here on earth with those they love. Third, young children can have access to those beyond the veil and may be better at it than adults.

I loved this story and was reminded of, “Out of the mouth of babes comes perfected praise.”

 Yeah, definitely. I’ve heard some similar stories to that.

It’s so great to know that this work we are in is not just something make believe. I’m so grateful to know when I hear this story that it’s not just the delusions of a child, but to know that it is true. I’m so grateful for my knowledge of the gospel and the comfort it brings.

Keep pushing forward in the work! There are so many souls that need this comforting knowledge!

We all love you so much, Jonah, and are so grateful for your service. We can’t wait to see your face on Christmas Day!

 I’m excited as well!

All my love, Dad


On Sun, Dec 4, 2016 at 11:00 AM, Susan Jensen <susan.jensen@hotmail.com> wrote:

I guess you know about this Light the World challenge. We paid for someone behind us at the drive through. Dad expressed that it would be better to be on the other end when I said that felt good.

The light the world initiative is awesome. I love it. I wish we could more actively participate, but we can’t. I feel like it probably would be a lot better to be on the giving end, personally. Things just seem weird when something nice comes out of nowhere to you. You never know what to say. 

We also but some Christmas cards with treats on some strangers windshields. We missed doing Saturday’s. Today we are going to do Christmas cards for all the missionaries in our ward.
Oh, that’s exciting, ha ha. 

What did your companion say when he saw the “book” you did? So funny! He’s a deep sleeper! Do you know an Elder Sabir?

 I actually do know Elder Sabir. That’s cool.

I got a friend request form a guy I didn’t know but saw we had mutual friends so I accepted it. Turns out he posted a picture of his son on his mission in Cali. It looked like where you are. So I asked and he is in Hesperia! Small world! Also, your companion from the time you were in Upland at Mothers Day sent me a friend request too. He’s home and doing well! Got a card from Brendan and Jessica Lee and they want to come to your homecoming if it works out.
That’s a lot of cool stuff. Weird that Elder Gunnerson found you, but okay, ha ha. And yeah, that’d be exciting to see Elder Lee. 

We have done some Christmas shopping. I hope you haven’t opened any of your packages! Anna had her birthday. I took her and her friends to the museum of natural curiosity and then out for pizza. They had fun!

It’s hard not to open the packages, but I haven’t. 

That’s about it for my week! I love you and will always tell you that, my son!!

Mom 💕

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