A Short Report

This is going to be short because I forgot my bag first in the Mojave River Elders’ car, and then at Dan’s, and my journal was in my bag both of those days. Since my memory doesn’t like to recall things that I need, I won’t remember much at all.


I remember reading “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief” in my studies, and that was really good and somewhat emotional.


Well, basically the whole day was spent putting up Christmas lights for Sister Mason because she’s pregnant and she wanted to surprise her husband, but obviously couldn’t do it herself. Because of this, they had us over for dinner and one of the strands of lights blew out two fuses during the time. We learned that day not to put 6 or 8 strings of lights attached to one outlet by one sing strand.


We had Lord’s Table which, in and of itself, lasted a while, and then we had to take all of these detour routes to get to out different destinations. All in all, we didn’t even get home for lunch until 2:15 or so, which pretty much is the equivalent of shooting a day in the face.

We spent the rest of the day at Dan’s because I was sure I was getting transferred, so we wanted to finish the sword and spend some quality time with him.


Discovered that I’m going to be staying in the area for another 7 weeks! I was actually really excited about that. I know the work isn’t that great, but I love Dan and Reatha, and most of the ward. So this’ll make it 7 months.


President Kirby took us out to lunch, which was very nice of him; the only problem is it lasted until, like, 2:30, and we still had most of our laundry to do at Dan’s, plus Dan was going to the temple at 5! So that was super exciting! When they came to get us for church the next day, Reatha expressed how much she loved it.


Dan got to bless the sacrament today! You could tell it was a bit of a struggle for him, kneeling down and stuff with the fact that he has metallic knees, but he did a great job. It was amazing, and one of the members of the Relief Society Presidency expressed her feelings on his blessing it, which feelings were tender and heartfelt.

All in all, it was a great week for the progress of Dan and Reatha. Now we just need to find some new investigators….

Anyway, thanks for reading. I love you all,

Elder Jensen out.

From Mom:

Hello my sweet boy!! I was sure happy to get the text from Dan with your picture. Oh man I miss you!

Here is a picture of Dash asleep by the tree. Dad left this weekend to go to Moab to scout out some sites for a young men’s camp. I was pretty lonely. Saturday night everyone was gone. I really don’t know how Grandma Jensen does it. I need my people around me. I’m alone in the day a lot but not at night. Not a fan of it.
Not too much has happened this week. They did ask me to give the missionary mom report for New Year’s Day so please write me an email or letter with the things you want me to share about your mission thus far. I was beginning to wonder if they forgot. All the other moms did theirs at about the year mark.
Anna worked out with me Saturday since dad was gone. She liked it. We also took her hair kinda blonde.

From: Jonah David Jensen
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2016 11:42 AM
To: Susan Jensen
Cc: Jim Jensen
Subject: Re: 🎄

I love that picture of Dash and the Christmas tree. I think that’ll probably be my planner cover for this transfer.

That makes a good point. I don’t know how Grandma does it either. It does sound like it’d be really dull…. At least Anna was there to help you partially, ha ha. She looks really cute with the blond.

Mom: I forgot to tell you how mean Grace has been. They haven’t talked in months and Anna sent her a message telling her merry Christmas and Grace just said “I don’t want to be friends with you! Goodbye!” I showed Donna through a text and she did nothing. I told her I was surprised that she didn’t have Grace apologize. She ignored my text. Savanah was awful to you and never apologized either. 

Wow, that’s pretty rude. It normally wouldn’t bother me if I were in Anna’s place except for the fact that it’s really out of the blue.

What kind of things do missionary moms usually report on again?

Mom: Maybe just some of you feelings and stories you want them to hear. I have 10 min. 

I’ll have to think about stories and stuff.

Well, certain areas baptize a lot. I am excited to stay here in Santa Fe with Elder Francis. The only problem is motivation to do the work itself is on a low because it is difficult. But we’ll try harder.

On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 5:07 AM, Jim Jensen <jim.jensen@live.com> wrote:

Hey Jonah!


It was great to see you in the text message picture we got. That sure is a beautiful dog that Dan has on his lap. But I wouldn’t exactly call it a lap dog.

Ha ha, Smokie is awesome. He’s not as great as Dash, but he’s a decent replacement.

Sounds like you’re staying put and you’re pretty happy about it.  No transfers and changes? I guess the Lord must be saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  I guess so.

It was a busy week as usual. A little different this weekend cause I headed down to Moab on Friday night with the stake young men’s presidency and the 2nd counselor in the stake presidency to scout out Entrada for our stake high adventure camp in June. We squeezed out every minute of daylight seeing areas where the young men can go to do all their fun activities. We even stopped an saw the dinosaur tracks after dark. We had to use our phone lights to see them.

I think you went to Entrada when I was bishop and Mike McBride was young men’s president. I remember Athen taking a long time to go over the edge on their 120 foot rappel. Anyway, it should be lots of fun. We came home Saturday night and it was snowing as we crossed the mountains east of Spanish Fork, so it slowed us down and we got home around 930 p.m.


On the left is Jeff Dyer, a BYU professor of business strategy and the stake YM secretary, and Ben Cahoon, the stake YM president standing next to the cliff overlooking the Colorado river on our bike ride down to Entrada. It was supposed to be 51 degrees that day, but never really go above 40.

That sounds nice. The wind is cold up here, which is enjoyable. The Andersens in this ward swear that it’s colder here in the High Desert than in Utah because of the wind.

I guess this week’s letter will be a bit shorter. Looking forward to hearing from you today. Most likely I’ll be in meetings when you write, so I won’t be able to chat.

You’re the best! Keep up the great work!

All my love,




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