An Forgotten Week

From: Jonah David Jensen
Sent: Monday, January 2, 2017 6:06 PM
To:; Ashley Anspach; Athen Jensen; Chris Boston; Christlyn Washburn; Connor Blackwood; Connor Blackwood; Cooper Harlan; Dave Daines; David Lambert; Dick Wilson; Dorothy Jensen; Emily B; Garrett Kingsley Jensen; Gramzon Wingard; Grandpa; Hayden Keck; Holly J; Jennifer Leaver; Jim Jensen; Joan Abbott; Joel Jensen;; Kira Heavenly; Laurie Meredith; Melitza; Paul Louis Brede; Sariah Jensen; Sister Mallary Gardener; Susan Jensen
Subject: An Forgotten Week

Well, we’re going to do most of our e-mailing tomorrow because the library is closed today, but the zone leaders are making us e-mail from the church for, like, 30 minutes so virtually nothing will get done except perhaps this e-mail.


Again the Mojave River A Elders were not at District Meeting, so that was unfortunate. Somehow, though, we still ran out of time.

After District Meeting, I’m trying to remember what we even did. Again, it’s a forgotten week. No journal, seeing as I was expecting to e-mail just tomorrow. Oh look, and I just realized I left my planner at home too. Great.

Well, I know that we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders on WEDNESDAY, but that wasn’t until the night.

Oh, we probably e-mailed. That might be why.



Yeah, exchanges. I went back up to Greentree again; and it was a breath of fresh air. We taught four lessons, I believe, and I think one of them was a member present. Can’t remember though. We went to dinner with the Trozera’s, which was a blast from the past or whatever.

We had a lot of awkward contacts. One of them, we were contacting a referral and there were 17,000 people there, so we were not sure in any way, shape or form who was who. Either way, though, this little girl started talking to us and stuff, and she told us to come see her Grandma. So, we start to follow her, and we pass, like, four different people on the way inside and one of them tries to talk to us, so we try to talk to him, but then the girl comes back out of the house and tells us to come in. So we stop and we start to follow her inside; the other guy was probably high anyway. So we walk inside and there’s literally, like, 10 more people inside in addition to the other 10 outside. She’s telling us to come to the back of the house (oh, and by the way, all of these people are black), and it’s at this moment that we realize that we were not supposed to be in that house. Four of the people are like, “Whoa, who are these church people?” and they start asking us questions, and while the girl is beckoning us back, a guy walks up to us and said, “You need to leave.” We agreed hastily and left the house, walking away.

I think the video game equivalent of what we did was basically like in the Legend of Zelda, when you walk into someone’s house, smash every single pot they have, break all of their wooden boxes and then steal all of the money they were storing inside them, then walk out as if nothing happened.


Well, we’re finished for the day, so I’ll finish tomorrow.

Elder Jensen out.


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