An Remembered Week


A classic event of Squash 4 Friends. What a party. This time actually wasn’t half bad. It was really fun. All in all an enjoyable event. We moved some cement and dug up some dirt to put it into buckets. It’s a lot more fun with a lot of people. Also, since a sister named Sister Thomason was dying, we made a little grave for her in the ground.

We had a big Nerf War at the Mojave Mansion (which is just a house, but it’s big compared to apartments) with eight total missionaries. I got my trash kicked a lot. But hey, what’re you gonna’ do?

Beyond that, we tried some people and then had a pass-off lesson with the sisters for a guy named Dixon. He’s really awesome; he’s from Africa and stuff, and he was very genuine. Pray for him, please! I thought at first he would be concerned about baptism into our church, but he wasn’t actually concerned, he just asked a simple question. He’s solid.


It rained again and we had lunch with the Mojave River Elders, playing a game of Magic. Elder Gibbons spilled some soup on my cards, which was scary, but it didn’t get through the card sleeves, so we’re good.

Elder Francis and I also got into a literal fight; it was a WWE smack-down of sorts (I guess this kind of thing happens when you have to live with someone for 4 months straight without a break) and then we made up and got some ice cream. All is good.


New Years Eve! Since we had to be in by 6, basically nothing happened. Our dinner was at 4 with the Wales family and stuff like that, and other than visiting Dan, there wasn’t much to do.


New Years! The first week of 1 o’clock to 3 o’clock church. So that basically destroyed our whole day. We walked and talked for the first hour until lunch, then had church, then ward coordination and then dinner. So yeah, not much.

Well, there’s the rest of my week. I think Wednesday was more entertaining than all these days combined.

I hope you all had a good holiday season! Thank you all for the gifts that you sent me. I’ll try to find time to write thank-you notes and send them, but if you don’t get them, know that I am truly grateful!

Elder Jensen out.


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