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On Sun, Jan 8, 2017 at 7:41 PM, Susan Jensen <> wrote:

Not much happened this week. My arm is still healing. It aches and doesn’t have the range of motion I hoped it would have. I go to the dr on Tuesday. It’s pretty weak and I can’t bend it enough to feed myself and can’t straighten it all the way. It’s kind of tiring.

 Well, keep me updated. I hope it all goes well. 

We got a lot of snow and now it’s warmed up and raining. It’s been pretty yucky out. When are transfers? I’m wondering if you will get to go some place warmer. Conner Larsen is going to be going to Philadelphia for his mission.

 Transfers are June 30th. I don’t think you guys understand, I don’t want to go somewhere warmer, ha ha. This is great for me! I enjoy it. That’s awesome to hear about Conner! I didn’t think he was going to go on a mission.

I’m a bit worried about Athen and Katie. I think they are going inactive. She hates the singles ward and so does he. He works half the time on Sundays. They just don’t seem to have a strong conviction. I see him start his day with video game commentary and never the scriptures. Not sure he ever reads them.

 Yeah, I worry about that too…. But really the only thing we can do is ponder how Jesus would help him and try to do what he would do. I’m really not sure what to say to him. I can’t say much over e-mail.

I’m forgetting the guys name you were teaching right now. How is it going? I’ve been praying for him. Dixon?

 Yeah, that’s him. I won’t be writing a big e-mail this week because I’m super short on time…. But anyway, he’s doing well. He seems really genuine. He really just wants to get closer to Christ; we just need to help him understand that Baptism will do that. We also got in contact with Jonathan again, the one who dropped us. He wants help overcoming drugs.

Did I tell you Paul might live with us for a bit after his mission? Not for sure though. If Athen moves out then Paul and you will share. If not then Joel and Paul will and you and Athen. But I actually think it’s getting time for him to get out on his own. I don’t see him much. He never eats here. He comes home late. We talk every once in a while but not a ton. He does owe us money. Like quite a bit so I don’t know what he’s thinking. He works and never seems to have money.

 No, you didn’t tell me that. I thought April and Rich were moving back to Utah, weren’t they…? At least in the future? I hope they do…. Being on the mission, I’ve really missed him, and it would suck to only be able to see him every once in a while.

That’s somewhat frustrating, I bet. I wish I could say what to do.

Any more MMA fights with Elder Francis? I’m sure you would win because you are so freakin’ strong! Anna has a trial Karate class tomorrow. We’ll see how she likes it.

 That’s exciting. I’m sure she’ll love that, ha ha. 

Well babe, I’m out of stuff to say but here is a picture of tonight when the sky was pink


On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 5:10 AM, Jim Jensen <> wrote:

Hello Jonah!

Yesterday was fast Sunday in our ward and I bore my testimony of the Prophet. I wrote it afterward for you and expanded on some of my thoughts about chiasmi. It’s kind of long so you may have to print and take it home if you don’t have much time.

 I might have to, then. 

 Yeah, I’ll have to check this out later. I found the Alma 36 chiasmus a few weeks ago, surprisingly without any help. I had been told there was a chiasmus somewhere in the Book of Mormon, but I couldn’t remember where. Luckily, since I learned partially what a chiasmus was in AP English Literature, and then the chapter in Alma confirmed what I knew when I learned it was a chiasmus. I just read the last verse, and I was like, “Hey, that’s a lot like the first verse….”


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