Good Day, Everyone!

I hail to you from a new area. An entirely new library, which I have never before been to. It’s exciting, I guess.

So, I have some good news, I suppose. I’m now in Chino Hills, the Carbon Canyon ward, with Elder Cooke as my companion (the same Elder Cooke who was in my district that I went on exchanges with) and we whitewashed in, so we replaced the other missionaries that were here. I finally get to be in a car area! Huzzah! This should be nice, too, so that I don’t have to deal with the heat of the summer, since Chino is blisteringly hot. There are never clouds, apparently.

Well, this week, that’s basically all I have to report, since I don’t have my journal with me this week, and I don’t have too much time.


Dan and I spent a lot of time working on the sword. I’ll send some pictures to you guys in different e-mails.

Elder Jensen out.

Oh, wait! One more thing! They changed the missionary schedule around! It’s crazy. We now do personal studies and planning in the morning, then go about our day, do companionship study during the day, and then come home at 9 and just relax! it’s really weird, but nice.

On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 8:32 PM, Jim Jensen <> wrote:

“And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon those missionaries; and they fell not, for they were founded upon a rock.”

I thought of 3 Nephi 14:25 when I read your letter last week. My guess is things calmed down a bit this week with the weather for you. We got about 8-10 inches of snow on the ground last weekend, but then it just turned cold. So not much happened cause we’re just trying to avoid everything.

 Ha ha, yeah, it’s calmed down now. Plus, I’m in Chino now, where it never weathers.

Mom ordered DVDs of the TV series about the making of the Joseph Smith Papers and we watched a couple of those. They are super-interesting.

Saturday it was sunny, so mom and I went snow shoeing. It was 7 degrees up at about 8000 feet when we started, but it didn’t take long to get warmed up. We got off the trail a bit and into some powder and it was amazing.


 Wow, that’s pretty.

Well, we’re looking forward to hearing what you new assignment will be. I’m sure it will be awesome and be your best one yet! I guess there’s a chance that it will be your last area. Weird to think about, but it’s going to be over before you know it.

It actually might not be; since Elder Cooke and I whitewashed in (so we replaced two other missionaries) I could end up leaving after my companionship with him.

After fighting with the bank, I finally got them to approve me as a cosigner for Athen’s school loan. So he has the chance to buckle down in school and try to get some direction. He’s doing well at Best Buy and he’s staying pretty busy, so that’s good.

The liberals in this country are completely melting down. They are losing their grip and out in the streets protesting nothingness every day. It’s actually to the point where I don’t think there’s anyone even caring any more. It’s beyond comprehension. The pattern is that they make up a complete fabrication about a current event, hype it up to high heaven until they all believe it, and then go around moping and protesting and being angry about it. And it’s all just make believe! I have never seen such a large group of people so entirely disconnect from reality as these people. They are literally insane.

 Yeah, again, that’s crazy. And stupid. It’s really funny to watch, honestly.

Anyway, stay focused on your mission and serving people and ignoring the insanity going on around us. You’ll be much better off.

Have a great week! Good luck! Next week I’ll be writing you on Sunday from Phoenix where I’m going for the weekend for a Mercedes conference.

That’s exciting.

All my love,


Hey, look who I found on the missionary world wide broadcast!



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