Retired People

Our whole week was basically just visiting retired people, since they’re the only people home during the day.


At District Meeting, the Sisters of our district were sick, so it was just four people (since a zone leader wasn’t in our meeting, being that we have 3 districts in our zone) and it was kind of lame. Not by fault of the district leader though.

After that, retired people.


Yet more retired people. We basically just drive from one place to the next trying to talk to those people because Elder Cooke doesn’t like to tract or contact–he deems it a waste of effort, I guess. I can agree partially, but sometimes it’s good to do just to show the Lord you’re willing.


We had some interesting service today. We went to the Los Serranos golf course to help out with a service project–or rather, a fundraiser–that the “Let It Be” foundation was working on. For the first part of the day, we just moved ice around, and for the last part of the day we went to a “hole-in-one” event to be the judges of a sort. Basically, we sat under an EZ-Up and watched people golf, and if they got a hole-in-one (which nobody did) then they won a new Chevy Colorado.

After that, we had dinner at Bishop Hancock’s house, and he invited Ernie, a recent convert, (or we were invited to the dinner that was already scheduled with Ernie to be more exact) and Ernie invited a non-member! So we taught them the Restoration, and she accepted baptism! Sadly, though, she lives in Ontario– but that’s alright. I’ll see her in the Celestial Kingdom one day, I’m sure.


We pretty much weekly planned all day. It was a pain in the buttocks.


We tried to stop by a ton of names the ward council gave us, but the people either didn’t live there, didn’t have an address, or the house didn’t physically exist in this realm of reality.

We did have a good dinner with a nice family, though, and we went to President Tanner (of the mission presidency)’s home and shared the First Vision with them. The Spirit was there very strong.


Church takes up most of the day, what with ward choir and such, and then studies fill up the rest of the time until dinner, but we had dinner with the Wang family. They were actually from China, Shanghai in specific, so I told them about Anna, which they were excited about. As well as that, they had two kids who were really nice and funny. The littlest one, about 10, went into a laughing fit halfway through the dinner and couldn’t stop for the next ten minutes. It was pretty funny.

Well, there’s my week. It was a bearable week, and the lesson on Thursday was awesome, so things are good.

Elder Jensen out.

On Sun, Feb 12, 2017 at 10:04 PM, Jim Jensen <> wrote:

Hey Jonah,

How’s Chino? Are you fitting in? How’s your comp? Anything good happen this week?

Well, most of that is covered in my big e-mail, I think. Chino is still very pretty. It’s still raining, so that’s good. 

Today for Sacrament meeting Conner Larsen gave a farewell address. I assume he goes into the MTC on Wednesday. He’s going to Philadelphia. It was good to see him up there. I always knew he would go, it just took a while for him to get some things straightened out. He said today that a year ago he submitted his papers, but because he was on some anti-depressants, he couldn’t qualify until he’d been off them for 6 months. He always seems like such a happy kid, I was a little surprised to hear that, but not really.

My trip to Mercedes was super-successful. We enrolled 100s of their dealerships in our program. It’s going to be a great partnership if we can pull off the work to make it happen! It was nice to get out of the cold for a couple days. It was in the low 70s in Phoenix. Although, SLC did set an all-time record high for the date on Feb 9th, it hit 66 degrees. So it’s not like it was brutal winter in Utah this week. It’s nice to have the break in the middle.

Here’s a picture of Mom on our walk today. It was very nice, clear, and a little brisk.


That’s nice

We’re getting geared up for Valentine’s Day this week! Mom deserves the best. She made some awesome Café Rio burritos for dinner tonight and everyone loved them.

Man, I’m sure it was delicious, but California Mexican food is top notch. I’m just trying to imagine if a Cafe Rio burrito would be as good as something out here.

I worked on our taxes for 5 hours yesterday and got most of our taxes back from the government. So that was really good. I was a little worried this year because we sold our Suncrest property and bought couple more and had to do a 1031 exchange to avoid paying capital gains tax. But thanks to TurboTax, I have a good feeling that I was able to do it all right. I hoping this year we can do the same thing and sell our AF condo and get two properties instead. We’ll see how things go with our tenants there.


We had our parent teacher conference with Anna’s teacher this week. It was pretty rough. She’s been telling her teacher that she’s doing her math and leaving it at home and telling us that she never gets any homework. Meanwhile she got a 35% on her recent math test and then acted totally surprised that she didn’t do much better. I noted that she didn’t show her work on most of the multiple choice problems, which is pretty hard to do when your multiplying fractions. Athen heard that she was learning how to multiply fractions and said that’s what he’s doing in math at UVU. Then he realized he was studying 5th grade math in college . . . That was after he was lecturing Sariah the other day about how important it is to work hard in high school so you don’t have to spend your first year of college doing a do-over.

Ha ha, well that stinks.

On Saturday Athen announced that he broke up with Katie a couple weeks ago. Mom and I are pretty happy about that since Katie has been kind of weird lately. Just not super-friendly and Athen feels like she doesn’t look for the good in him. They are remaining “friends” Athen says and he went to her house tonight to watch Walking Dead. So not exactly the way I would handle it if my girlfriend dumped me for the second time, but, hey, whatevs.

Yeah, I guess so. Whatever works, I guess.

Next weekend Sariah has the Triple Crown volleyball tournament at the Salt Palace downtown. It’s a national tournament, so we hope they do well. Looks like they’re also going to be going to tournaments in Reno and Pocatello in addition to the one in Denver we already knew about. So Mom’s going to have to learn how to travel, cause I can’t take that much time off from work.

Wow, that’s a lot of traveling. Interesting.

Well, that about covers it from the home front. Your two weeks out from 18 months. Incredible!

Ha ha, yeah, that hit me recently too

Can’t wait to hear from you!

All my love,


On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 10:51 AM, Jim Jensen <> wrote:

Hey Jonah!

Great report. Did you happen to check any neighboring realms of reality for some of the missing people on the ward list? Haha!

ha ha, we can’t leave our area.

That was funny. Make sure you get that information back to the ward membership clerk so he can start shipping those records out.

Yeah, we told them in ward council.

What is the investigator’s name from Ontario? Natasha



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