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From: Jonah David Jensen
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 2:51 PM
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You know, I really wish I knew how to remember. Journaless.


Wow, I thought I didn’t have very much written in my planner on Tuesday, but then I realized that I literally have nothing written for Wednesday. I’m honestly not sure why, we plan every morning…. This is confusing to me.


We had a zone conference (I was about to call it a huge zone conference, but I remembered that all of the zone conferences are huge) that went from 12:30 to 5, lunch being part of it. Costco pizza, bubby.

It was a good zone conference. I just wish I could remember something. I just know it was good.

After that, we taught Natasha again and passed her off to Ontario, sadly…. (Apparently, Bishop was a little upset about that. I think I’ll get into that later, hopefully, if I don’t forget.)


We planned for the week and such, which took a while. We had to … get some things out during companionship inventory. But it’s all good.

We also had dinner with the Oakes family who didn’t like us inviting them to pray about someone to help, so that was interesting, but afterward Brother Oakes came with us to the lesson of a 15 year-old recent convert where we talked about the Holy Ghost and his role and such.


So, I remembered. Bishop called us back and we asked him to talk to the Bishop of the Ontario ward for the sake of Natasha and he kind of yelled at us for passing her off, saying that we “gave her an out” and stuff like that. So that was interesting.

Other than that, we just drove around and visited tons of people.


Bishop was a lot nicer to us today than yesterday, so that was nice, ha ha. Hopefully he’s not as offended as he sounded. I don’t think he is.

I was pretty grumpy today because Elder Cooke wouldn’t let me go home to do my studies (he had studied at a different time apparently) and so obviously the Adversary was able to get a hold of my heart and make me upset, seeing as I hadn’t read the Book of Mormon that day. However, when we went home and I got about 20 minutes of personal study, things went a lot better.

Well, there’s my week, everyone. Thanks for reading. We also got a referral at some point during the week, so we’re excited to see that pan out today!

Thanks again.

Elder Jensen out.

On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 5:10 AM, Jim Jensen <jim.jensen@live.com> wrote:

Hey Elder J,

Wow. Super bus week at work this week. It was a blur. It’s hard to think of anything that happened. Plus I forgot to bring my journal . . .

That’s how I feel right now.

Sounds like you’ve got a lot of retired people in your area. Hopefully they’re not all too set in their ways. I don’t blame Elder Cooke for not liking to tract much, cause, who does? It’s not the most efficient method of finding as the Brethren frequently point out. But you’re right that you just have to do it sometimes. He should go back and listen to Elder Uchtdorf’s talk from the women’s conference in October called “Fourth Floor, Last Door”. If it wasn’t for tracting, President Uchtdorf might not be in the church.

Yeah, it’s definitely not effective, but it helps us be out. But yeah, that’s true; that’s a good talk.

How did you get signed up to judge the hole in one contests at a Chino golf course? That doesn’t sound too bad.

It was a service opportunity.

One weird thing was on Friday night we went out for Grandpa’s 80th birthday. We were supposed to meet Mike and Laurie, Kevin and Shauna, and Todd and Jody over at a Mexican restaurant by the SouthTowne Mall in Sandy. Mom and I stopped at the mall to return some pants before heading to the restaurant and the power went out at the mall. Everything went dark for a few moments and then the backup generators kicked on a few lights. It was weird. All the stores started kicking people out and shutting their gates. We walked out to the car in the rain and called Laurie. They were at the restaurant across the street from the mall and the power was out there too. So we picked another restaurant but everyone was trying to leave the mall a the same time and the traffic lights were out so it ended up taking us a half hour to go a couple blocks down state street. I know, super exciting.

 Wow, that sounds like a trip. In a rainstorm here recently, I think the power wanted to go out, but it didn’t.

I took a little spin through Chino Hills on Google Street View. It looks really nice. You’re lucky to be there. It’s crazy to think you’ll be able say you lived in California for 2 years when you’re done. I bet the members there are awesome.

Yeah, it will be really fun to say, honestly. The members here are wonderful. They’re very missionary minded for the most part.

Mom and I were just saying how you probably won’t ready this until Tuesday since it’s President’s Day today. Aarrggh. I’ve never understood why they don’t put the holidays on Friday instead of Monday. Who wouldn’t rather have a Friday off?

 Yeah, it’s really weird, but whatever. It’s kinda nice sometimes as a missionary to have an extra 3 hours, but then on days like yesterday where we had nothing to do, it sucked.

I worked with Joel this week to try to help him graduate. He’s hanging on by thread and is probably closer to missing graduation than even Athen was at this point. I know that’s hard to believe. What is it with kids these days?

 It’s a harder day and age to be a kid in, I guess. I mean, Satan’s only getting stronger.

Looking forward to your update this week? Hope you have a great week and we’re continuing to pray for you and your work.

The sprint is on to the goal line!

All my love,


On Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 8:46 PM, Susan Jensen <susan.jensen@hotmail.com> wrote:

Elder Jensen,
18 down this week! What a great service you have done. I’m so proud of you and know it has changed you for the best. Sophie Turner had a boyfriend who went out and came home after 6 months. He didn’t put his heart into it. A girl in our ward was married to a guy who used to go out to dance clubs on his mission and even died his hair blue. After his mission he deceived her about who he really was and she married him. The moment after the marriage he took his garments off and never went to church again. When I hear of these things it makes me so sad. If only they could see how much the Lord loves them and desires for them to come to know him. I feel some do not want to make the sacrifices to know him.

Yeah, that is really sad…. They walk into a dark room and turn out the flashlight. 

Dad gave a great FHE lesson on how we really decide our place in His kingdom. It’s either trusting in God and saying “thy will be done”, or not trusting and the Lord saying ok “thy will be done then”. The first will bring much more happiness.
That’s very true. 

Your new area really looks nice. Any flooding? Send us some pictures! And you need to be in them!
 No flooding yet, thankfully. We have been getting a monumental amount of rain for the area though. I’ll try to get some pictures. It’s just difficult sometimes when out proselyting. 

We’ve had a weekend of volleyball. Actually three weeks in a row will be volleyball. Sariah looks great and has made great improvements. Joel went with me today. I think he liked it until we had to be there too long.
 That’s really exciting. But yeah, when people have to be at places longer than they plan, sometimes they get upset, ha ha. 

Athen really needs our prayers. Without going into details I will say that he needs some healing, repenting, heart softening, and conversion- true and deep. He wants that as well. He says he loves the gospel.
 That’s good to hear, in a way. The Lord requireth a willing heart and mind. 

Anna had a fun sleepover with gma Jensen. She wants to take time each month and spend with each grandkid. Yours will happen nearer to the Fall.
 Oh, that’s cool. Wow, for a second there, since I’ve been out so long, I was thinking, “Wait, there won’t be another male there. I’m not allowed to do that.” Then I remembered that that’s only a rule on the mission, ha ha. 

I have to be to another tournament tomorrow and I’m not sure you will be emailing due to the holiday. But if you do I hope I get to visit with you. That’s all I got!
Mom out!

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