A Good Sunday

On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 8:48 AM, Jim Jensen <jim.jensen@live.com> wrote:

Hey Jonah!

I saw another picture of a bunch of the companionships in your area. You guys look great. Those were some sweet rabbit ears you gave the dude in front of you!

 Oh, that’s right. I don’t even remember when we took the picture. How did you get it?

Mom and I continue to pray for the work in your area. I’m sure the work is slow in an affluent area with people who are so “busy” all the time. Kind of like when Alma went to Ammonihah on his mission and no one would listen. Sometimes you just have to wait for the timing to be right. Just keep working hard. Hard work makes its own opportunities.

 Yeah, it’s true. If only there was a poor class among the people, ha ha.

You definitely didn’t miss much this week. It flew by without much happening. We finally got the solar panels turned on for our two rental homes. It was such a pain. I had to make like 20 calls to Vivint and 20 calls to American Fork city since they wouldn’t talk to each other. But the persistence finally paid off.

 Wait, you put solar panels on our rental homes? Did you put any on our home? 

We spent half of Saturday at volleyball. Sariah’s team was playing horribly, but it wasn’t Sariah’s fault. She has improved a ton this season and she is for sure one of the top players on her team and for sure the most consistent.

 Well, I guess that’s good? Bad that her team did horribly though.

Spring has definitely sprung here. We set 3 record high temperatures for March in the last week. Unfortunately, that means everything is already starting to dry out. We’re supposed to get some much needed rain this week.

Hopefully you do.

Joel miraculously passed 3rd term, so he’s still on track to graduate. It’s going to be close though. I’m also trying to get him to catch up on his seminary reading so he isn’t the only one of our kids to not pass all 4 years.

 In his defense, seminary got a lot harder right as soon as I finished. It wasn’t a requirement to read all of the books they’re studying and we didn’t have in depth tests. But still, I hope he passes that.

Anna’s been playing with friends after school more this week. This is good for her since she’s gone quite a while without having a lot of friends.

 That’s good.

I got to teach high priests again yesterday. We talked about prayer. We focused on what Christ taught about prayer when his disciples asked him to teach them how to pray: 1) that we first acknowledge him as our father, 2) we are promised if we ask, we shall receive, but we need to be “importunate”, which means persistent in asking to the point of being annoying, and 3) that even we know how to give good gifts to our children, so how much more will our father give them to us.

Br. Bruce Bowen asked about you again yesterday, and told us to send his greetings. He’s awesome and is always thinking about you.

 I don’t even remember who he is….

You’re making us all proud. It’s going to be an awesome summer with you, Reggie and Ryan all coming home about the same time. And Garrett, too. There will be lots of rejoicing!

 That will be really nice. Then Garrett and I will go bring Grandma J back into the faith.

Thanks for being so faithful and such a hard worker. Keep the faith!

All my love,


On Sun, Mar 19, 2017 at 7:49 PM, Susan Jensen <susan.jensen@hotmail.com> wrote:

Dear Jonah,
Today was a good Sunday. The weather is warm and the Spirit was present in sacrament. I loved the talks. Have you ever had a printing from the Lord that you ignored?

 Assuming you meant prompting, I think we all have. 

One lady who is new talked about one she had. She had the Spirit tell her to leave her purse in her car when she was going into a game at BYU. She pretty much argued with the Lord and after multiple attempts at Him trying to tell her, she took her purse with her anyway and watched it carefully. I won’t give you the details but her purse never left her site. When they got to the store after the game he wallet was not there. As she prayed she was told not to cancel her cards. Another day she was at AF high for a game. After the game when she was home a friend called her to ask if she was at the game. Her name had just been called over the loud speaker to say they found her wallet. But she lost it at BYU.  Nothing was missing. She wondered why all of this happened. The Lord basically told her he has been talking to her and she has not been listening. I hope I am listening. I really haven’t had too many promptings in recent  years.
 Wow, that’s a really crazy story. 

This same lady and I were asked to share times that Christ has strengthened us in our trials. She gave a story about her oldest daughter who is married now. She was a mess. She wasn’t living the word of wisdom and was not following the teaching of the church. Her mother was so worried about her. One night she had a vision of her daughter at the airport in a scene that looked like she was being greeted by friends and family after a mission. She debated with the Lord in how this could be. The Lord told her that she needed to believe this was true. Some each day she prayed to know when she should address this with her daughter. Finally one day the Lord told her it was time. She knew her daughter had been out drinking but went to her room to talk to her. She was hungover but her mom sat down on her bed and said “I had a vision.” And related it to her. She said “But mom you know where I am at. You know I was drunk last night”. She got herself into the bishop and a year later went on her mission.
 Wow, that’s also really cool. Very interesting. 

Jonah, I pray for you and your companion and your relationship each day. I don’t know what there is to gain in this companionship but I pray you will find out. Is he the senior companion or are you?

 He is. 

I’m wondering why he gets to say you only have an hour.

 It’s in the past now. It doesn’t matter. 

I hope while you are in Chino Hills that you can find someone who is searching. They are out there. There is someone that in their heart they are yearning for something deeper. Something with meaning and truth. You have the authority to find and teach them. Use this priesthood authority to find this person or people. Each day go out  and  say “Father, I am here, I am ready to serve thee and I have been called by thee and given authority. Now help me to find the person who is seeking for thee.”  Just a thought I have had. You are so blessed to be set apart as His servant to share His word. You have made the best decisions in your life that have led you to be where you are. Now go out and conquer!
 Thank you for the words of encouragement, Mom. I’ll try every day to remember the nature of my calling; I do know it’s very important to the Lord and me. 

I love being your mom. I have been so blessed to have loved, raised, and nurtured you. I’m not perfect but I hope you have felt the great love I have for you! You are my heart. I feel like my heart will burst when I think of the love I have for you. You are such a choice spirit.
 Thank you. 

Have a beautiful week! Keep your chin up and give everyone that winning smile.
Mom 💁🏼

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