From: Jim Jensen
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2017 12:41 PM
To: Jonah David Jensen
Subject: RE: Mirakuru

Sounds like prayers are working! What an exciting email! I’m glad you’re getting things sorted with your comp and that you’re standing up for yourself.

And I assume Mirakuru is “miracle” in some other language?

Jim Jensen

From: Jonah David Jensen
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2017 11:40 AM
To: andreww@4life.com; Ashley Anspach; Athen Jensen; Chris Boston; Christlyn Washburn; Connor Blackwood; Connor Blackwood; Cooper Harlan; Dave Daines; David Lambert; Dick Wilson; Dorothy Jensen; Dreason Chernov; Emily B; Garrett Kingsley Jensen; Gramzon Wingard; Grandpa; Hayden Keck; Holly J; Jennifer Leaver; Jim Jensen; Joan Abbott; Joel Jensen; john.jensen@pscipco.com; Kira Heavenly; Laurie Meredith; Melitza; Paul Louis Brede; Sariah Jensen; Sister Mallary Gardener; Susan Jensen
Subject: Mirakuru

A week of a miracle! I guess there are kind of multiple miracles, but mostly just one.

Nah, there’s a few.


Pretty much the whole Chino Zone went out to lunch at In-N-Out and all sat at one table, so that was crazy. Elder Brown, one of my past companions, is in my zone now, so that’s a party. I’m pretty happy for that.


Pretty much nothing. Just driving around and visiting a people again. Yes, it does get boring, but there’s only so much you can do. We’ve given out a lot of flyers for this really cool thing coming into town called “Moses’ Tabernacle”, which is a life-size replica of the tabernacle from Moses’ time built by the Huntington Beach stake. It’s going to be super awesome; the youth did a youth conference with it and they said it’s been their favorite youth conference ever because it was so enlightening.


I was on exchanges with Elder Etheridge, and we did just about the same amount of visiting, but a cool miracle came from it.

We were visiting people saved on the GPS, as previously stated, and we went to try to visit this family named the Sparkes. Normally their gate is not open, but this time it happened to be. So we walked up their mountain of a driveway and climbed their Egyptian pyramid of stairs and knocked on the door. They answered almost instantly because they were apparently expecting somebody else who was late; that’s why the gate was open.

They invited us in very kindly and gave us water bottles and talked to us on the couch and such. They told us that they were actually just discussing how they needed to start coming back to church. Then, we found out that the wife is not a member. The husband left the room for a bit and we talked to her, and I asked, “So have you ever thought about being baptized?”

“I have,” was her reply, with a nod of her head.

“How do you feel about that?” I asked.

She paused for a moment. “I do want to get baptized. I believe that it’s true, even though we don’t agree with some of the doctrines, but I would like to be baptized.”



Pretty much a bad day because we argued during companionship inventory and were negative the rest of the day.

I had corned beef for what I believe was the first time; it was okay. I didn’t like it terribly much. I mean, it was very good beef, just the taste was not the greatest. I don’t know.

We also taught a lesson to Rose Alva, a less-active and her nonmember son Sevarin. We taught half of the Restoration, and I think Sevarin actually enjoyed it. More to come on that. So now we at least have 1 investigator, with hopefully another to come from Sister Sparkes. Please pray for them, that Satan may have no power over them.


We got some things sorted out in our emotional level, I guess, and he finally said he was okay with e-mailing for a while and going to zone activity still, so I’m very grateful for that. I guess that’s probably the third miracle.

We went to a baptism for another ward.

We finished teaching Rose and Sevarin, and Rose was very contrary the whole time, kind of arguing with us and bringing up unnecessary points. You could tell she wasn’t trying to be hostile though.

We also met Justin Foster, a potential investigator, on the streets again. He seemed like he was still at least probably interested. And, we met a woman named Cherryl Thompson, a less-active who was super kind. She has this grandson that is apparently a LEGENDARY tennis player, or is going to be. He’s a 14-year-old who’s just really good at tennis. BYU is hoping to snatch him up as soon as possible, pretty much, if he keeps it up. But she was just really nice and genuine. She said she’d be willing to have us for dinner.



There’s my week. Thanks for listening. You didn’t even listen, you read, but thanks for listening anyway. Thanks for listening to the Spirit, I guess. Why not?

Elder Jensen out.


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