Moses’ Tabernacle

On Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 7:31 PM, Susan Jensen <> wrote:

Hey my boy! A memory came up on FB of you shooting a water balloon at the Brede’s home in Alpine. You are so good at archery. We have to get you a great bow when you get home!

 That’s what I’m hoping to do, ha ha. 

I hope the works is going well. I’ve been praying for those you teach. Sister Campbell sent me some photos from Moses’ Tabernacle. How was that? There was an article about in LDS living.

 It’s still going on. It’s super awesome. The only downside is, it’s happening today and we don’t get another day for our p-day, so we have very little time.

You asked about dad sending a birthday card. He told me there was nowhere to write so he drew you the picture. I guess he said he said happy bday in an email.
 The picture? I can’t recall. And, I was just joking, I know he said happy birthday to me in the e-mail 

Sariah went to the color festival and I forgot to remind her to protect her highlighted blonde hair. Her hair went green. I got out quite a bit but in person her hair looks a bit dull and has a green and yellow cast. I’m super bummed. I’ll have to try another round of color extractor.

 Wow, that’s probably a pain. Kind of funny though.

We have a member do it here. Her name is Sister Bingham. She’s pretty good at it.

That makes sense. It will be nice to get to spend some time with him and teach him what I’ve learned before he goes.

Holy cow, that’s really scary…. I don’t remember the face of the kid, but I remember that he exists.

That’s good to hear about Joel’s jazz band

On Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 10:34 PM, Jim Jensen <> wrote:

Hey Jonah,

I can’t believe it’s only been a week since your last letter. For some reason it seems like eons ago for me.

Were you able to get back and see the Sparkes family this week? If so, that would be a miracle.

 Yeah, we were able to get in and see them. I don’t have time to write a mass e-mail this week since we’re doing the tabernacle today, but we saw them and she still wants to get baptized while he wants to come back to church.  

I’ve been very busy this week. Don’t know if I mentioned, but last fall the stake presidency asked me to be on staff at the Wood Badge course in May. It’s advanced Scout training for YM leaders. I was assigned to be assistant quartermaster (which basically means help cook) until this week. They changed my assignment to troop guide, so now I have to prepare 5 presentations that I will give to my “patrol” during the 6 day course. I’m behind everyone else cause they’ve been working on their for months. Oh, well. I’d rather do this than cook.

 Oh, that’s interesting. I mean, sounds exciting I guess, but maybe stressful.

I’m super-excited for GC coming up this weekend. I bet you are, too. Get a little break from the day-to-day routine. I’m really looking forward to hearing from Elder Ballard again. His talks have really been resonating with me the last couple years. Last conference, his talk was “to whom will you go?” asking members where they will get the same blessings of the church if they leave it.

 Yeah, he’s been really awesome lately. Elder Holland hasn’t been as bold as he used to be, but he’s still just as funny

I love this gospel so much. I want to bear my testimony in April. It’s always easy to do right after GC, but I’ve just had it building up since the last time in January. I want to testify that I have the gift of the Holy Ghost. That I feel his influence all the time. And through his guidance, my life has been blessed.

 We had fast Sunday yesterday, so I won’t get to do that :/

I remember when I first got called to be elders quorum president. I met with the outgoing president (Sherwin Merrill) to review all the names of the elders. This was after we’d been in Suncrest for 6 months. We had dozens of elders and were up till 3 a.m. going over them. I’ll never forget him telling me how he wished, in his ministry, that he could take his heart out and put it inside someone else so they feel what he feels. Then they too would know it is true. I feel the same way.

 That’s really cool. Thank you for sharing

Have a great week! We miss you, but we’re super proud.

All my love,



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