Not of me, but of others.


We went with the Chinese elders to Panda Express, and the one who is actually from China said that he really liked it, and that it actually tasted like traditional Chinese food, so there’s that for you guys. I just answered one of your biggest questions.

I had a major headache all day, so that was annoying, but all is good. We just tried a lot of people to no avail.


We literally ran out of all things to do around, like, 3:00, so it was a really dull day. I actually miss tracting; can you believe it?

We also had dinner with a part-member family and we shared the new Easter video on, and they liked it … until we asked them to watch the rest, then they got upset. Sorry we showed you an amazing, non-denominational video about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and invited you to watch more to learn more about how Jesus Christ can help you in your life.


We had President interviews, which was nice. All I can say is that President Taylor is an extremely inspired man. It’s actually really awesome how inspired he is. If the church isn’t true just because of what I experienced with him, I don’t know what is.

After that, we had to go to Pep Boys and get an oil change, and then the rest of the day was more trying peeps.


We had dinner with Elders Paxton, Sabir, Brown, Henson and us at Carl’s Junior because a member gave us some money, so we supplied Brown and Henson. That was fun.

Afterward, I realized that my personal card has been so mutilated over the past 20 months that it barely works anymore. The downside is I realized that after having to buy new shoes because my old ones just tore right at the heel.

Rest in peace, MSF (missionary support fund).


There was a really good baptism at the church. The Bishop of that ward also said some very inspired things.

We also received a call from Brother Sparkes, and he told us that they regrettably wouldn’t be able to come to church this week, but he did say that Sister Sparkes has been reading the Book of Mormon! We’re so psyched for these guys.




Driving around visiting members and looking hungry in hopes that someone would feed us dinner.

It worked.

That’s all that I’ve got this week.

Elder Jensen out.


On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 5:20 AM, Jim Jensen <> wrote:

Don’t know what happened this week it seems to have gone by so quickly.

We did get some messages over the weekend that your card is having issues. We checked the balance and it’s OK, so it must be the magnetic stripe wearing out. So I got on line and ordered a new one. I had to put a customized picture on it to get them to send a new one, so I hope you like it. It’ll be a surprise.

 Yeah, if you could see this card, you would be impressed with how much damage a wallet has done to it. I’m excited though, ha ha.

Unfortunately, they have to send it to your address on file with the bank and we’ll have to forward it down to you, but once we get it we can overnight it if you need it ASAP.

 Umm, I might be okay. Just know that they’re now requiring me to buy things with my personal card as much as I can until I’ve sort of made up for the money I spent from my MSF.

We did visit St. George this weekend as planned and it was nice. Apparently we missed a big snowstorm in northern Utah. Suncrest got quite a bit and our yard got a dusting, but it was mostly melted by the time we got home. Dash wasn’t too happy because he was hanging in the back yard for the weekend. Mom’s going to write you another letter so I’ll let her fill in he details. But let me just say, trips are getting to be a lot more phone since everyone can sort of take care of themselves along the way. Haha.

 Ha ha, poor dog. I miss him. But yeah, I see what you mean by trips being (I’m guessing you meant fun, not phone) fun.

We went to Sacrament meeting in St. George yesterday and it was fast Sunday. The bishop started off by telling a story of meeting a friend of his for lunch. The bishop’s friend was the son of the bishop’s former mission president who he’d known for years. The friend confessed that he hadn’t been to church for two years and had lost his testimony over some things that he’d read about Joseph Smith. The friend spent an hour passionately expressing the things he’d learned to the bishop while he sat patiently listening. Finally, the bishop said to his friend, “Are you trying to get me to change my belief?” That caused his friend to back off. (Hopefully it made his friend take a step back and realize that he was now actively working to destroy faith.) The bishop then told how important it is to place your faith in the Book of Mormon and its testimony of Christ and not in man, or “the church”, or the prophet, or anything but Christ.

 Yeah, that’s really awesome. That’s a great and true story.

It was a great testimony and kicked off a string of testimonies on the Book of Mormon. That’s my testimony, too. It doesn’t really matter what Joseph said or did. That would be like leaving refusing to receive a beautiful home as a gift because the hammer used to build it was rusty and old. I’ve always known there was a God. I feel him with me and guiding me and I know he designed and created all things. I love that he can be perfectly just and also merciful and grant’s us our agency to choose. I love the atonement and it’s power and I saw it work in my life before I even knew what it was. And once I learned it was Christ’s mission to perform it, I have been so grateful. And to have the Book of Mormon as another witness to this marvelous power, to help me understand it, to enlighten my understanding of the New Testament, is a major bolster to my faith. Why would I let anything or anyone try to take that away? It’s not going to happen. I have a personal relationship with Christ and the Holy Ghost. It is a living, breathing relationship where he helps me and I serve him. I do everything I can to nurture this relationship and avoid everything I can that might harm it. It just makes sense to do that. I’ve read tons of church history and heard every accusation against Joseph Smith and I’ve decided a) I can’t tell how much of it is true and b) it doesn’t matter anyway. Joseph Smith obviously had a lot of enemies that made up thousands of lies and false accusations against him. But even if they are all true (which I doubt) it doesn’t matter because what matters is my personal testimony of God the Father, his Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. I have that. I know it personally. And no one or nothing can take that knowledge away from me.

 Yes, that’s very true. Thank you for your testimony. It’s easy to know that the church is true, all we have to do is pray. Super simple….

 Also, I was looking through family history and stuff and saw that Grandpa Jensen was labelled as “born in the covenant”. Where does the church start on your side and all of that? Maybe you can type it out and mail it in a letter or something so I can read it during the week. I know that you’re a convert, but I want to know more about Grandpa and where your side of the family is from and such. Mom could write one too for me if she has time. 

Thanks for being an awesome missionary! I’m looking forward to your letter.

Have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon!


I did forget to mention that Grandma Jensen called me this week and asked about your letter from last week where you said you went to the temple for William Henry Eddy, who is her grandfather on her Mom’s side. She was asking me questions about it and wanted to go onto Family Search to see for herself. She seemed happy that you did that work. I think it’s awesome too. I went on Family Search and looked at his record and it said “Endowment performed in the Redlands Temple, March 31, 2017.” There you have it, written in the Book of Life.

That’s good to see that Grandma took an interest in it! Maybe she can get into family search like most grandparents, ha ha.

That is super awesome though. I hope he accepted.




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