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I developed a new strategy to put the journal pictures in. I think I’ll use it. It involves me taking the pictures as I read through my journal.


So let me tell you a bit about Elder Udeochu-Ogbonna. He’s from Nigeria, he’s been out for 16 months and he’s super cool. He’s definitely one of my favorite two companions so far. I’m not sure where he ranks, top or second. They’re tied. He’s just super relaxed and funny. I’ll probably adopt his accent by the time we’re doing being companions. Just kidding.

Also, since I live in “the mansion” with three other missionaries, we get to play games every night, so that’s a party. We played a game of Risk and Ogbonna and I crushed ’em.


We visited this guy named Bob who has this German Shepherd/wolf mix, which just sounds super menacing, but is actually really nice. He’s just a puppy. His name is Scooby.

Had dinner with a wonderful family named Payne. They have a fetch-ton of people living in that home, because they have, like, 6 kids or something plus a friend living with them. But it’s a party erry time. We had dinner with them 3 times this week because they’re so nice. She also has some vertigo issues and such, so we helped her with lots of service.


We taught a man named Teo the Restoration lesson, which went really well. He doesn’t have a firm belief in Christ, but we promised him the Book of Mormon would help him strengthen that, and we invited him to pray to get a stronger belief in Christ.

Met a couple of bible-bashers while tracting. That was fun. They weren’t even good at it.

We also gave a blessing to a house and a person. Woo-hoo.


Squash 4 Friends again. I spent the whole time pulling out weeds, so my wrists got super tired. And, I got sunburnt again for the first time in a long while. I actually had forgotten sunburning was a thing. Lucky Elder Ogbonna doesn’t get sunburnt.

Had a little Nerf war for lunch too.

Sorry, my journal entries are scanty because we keep staying up until 10:30 playing games.


Played Risk again. We were playing it while I was writing in my journal, so it was super distracting. Ogbonna and I won again.


Tons of service. We did some for Brother and Sister Moore in the Santa Fe ward (glady, I might add), then some for Bob, the guy with the wolf-dog, then some for a lady in the Mojave River ward, then somem for Sister Payne. We went to a kid’s house named Antoine, who’s apparently super into WWE. He showed us some videos, which was interesting. We’re partially there to be his friends, since he’s super lonely, so we couldn’t really say no to the videos, and I have to say: WWE looks really strange.


Contacted at Hesperia lake which was super nice and relaxing, honestly. It reminded me of Utah. We stopped and watched a soccer game there for a little bit.

We did weekly planning, which was actually really relaxing with him because we got along so well. I really hope things will continue to go as well as they have so far for this transfer.

We helped Sister Payne again and helped her make pizza and what not, which, by the way, was fetching delicious. It was so amazing. She made a lot too.


We slept in a bit, except Elder Tuihaa wouldn’t stop walking around since 6 in the morning, so I would hardly call it sleep.


We had no miles, and we live so far out of our area that it was literally pointless to leave, so we stayed in and did some inside things like study talks and such like that. I did get to see the Lyon family again, from the Santa Fe ward, and Dan. Unfortunately, Reatha wasn’t there, which was sad. I wanted to muff JJ, but I didn’t get the chance. Don’t ask what muffing is. It’s hard to explain.

Well, there’s my week. Any questions?

Elder Jensen out.

On Mon, May 1, 2017 at 9:46 AM, Susan Jensen <susan.jensen@hotmail.com> wrote:

Can you believe it’s May? I look at the leaves on the trees and think that these are the leaves that will be on the trees when my Jonah comes home. I am in Reno getting ready to go to the airport with Sariah to head back home after the tournament. I’m looking forward to being home again. Anna stayed with grandma Jensen. She wanted to be with her over her cousins. She sure likes her. She loves all of her grandparents.

 That’s actually awesome to hear. 

The tournament went well. So great games and some not so good. It’s a fun team with great parents.
So tell me about this new companion. How are you getting along? How long has he been out? Is he a convert or since he was 8? Athens friend Casie comes home today. I’m excited to meet her.
 Elder Ogbonna is awesome. We’re getting along great. He’s been out 16 months, and yeah, I think he was born in the covenant. He’s just a really awesome and chill guy. I hope I get to stay with him for 2 transfers. 

Do you get to see the same people being in Hesperia again? How do you feel about this?

 I’m fine with it. I got to see a few of the people from Santa Fe again on Sunday since we go to the same church building. 

So we do need to talk about your future. It’s enrolling time for Fall at UVU. But we need to talk about what you really want to do. I’m not sure if it will be too late to enroll if we talk on Mothers Day. I know you have stuck with teacher. I just want you to think about a few things. You hated the HS atmosphere. You aren’t super social or a people person. Do you really want your days to be spent at a high school? And the pay is very low. Do you care if your wife has to work? Have you considered what we talked about before with computer programming? High demand with high wages. Just think a bit about the big picture and pray about it.
 I never said I wanted to be a teacher anymore. I stopped wanting to be a teacher back a while ago. Even if I were to ever be a teacher, it would probably be seminary, but I’m still probably not gonna’ do that. I don’t think I want to go for the fall semester, I’m probably going to enroll for the winter semester. If I knew more about college and everything before I came out, I might, but right now, trying to learn about that would probably be too distracting. I’ll probably do something with computer programming, but I really don’t know. 

Well, that’s about it. I love you Jonah!



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