Some Progression at Last

We got some new potentials this week, which is nice, seeing as both Santa Fe and Carbon Canyon hardly had any work for us. It was a pretty good week.

Guess what a forgot again?


I gave a training in District Meeting about coming to know Christ more. That went well, I guess. We also went to this place called “Fresh Wok” for lunch, and that was tasty. It’s a cheaper version of Panda Express.

By the way, I also don’t have my planner, so I’m super unprepared.

I’m so sorry.


We had some service helping this family move, and they’re dumb as rocks. The Relief Society President came up and asked them, “Hey, can we help you with your moving?”

“No,” she replied, “we’ve got the sister missionaries helping us.”

“Are you sure? We’d love to help!”

“No, it’s okay, the sister missionaries are coming to help!”

… Just so you know, it is not the missionaries’ job to help you move your house at the last second. It is our job to teach and baptize.

The service took all day too.


We had squash again and actually arrived pretty late, despite the fact that we live right next to the farm. We spent the whole time digging up weeds again.

After that, I can’t even remember. I have the worst memory in the 7 seas, I tell you.

It must not have been important, I guess…. I hope.


We had some more service (I know, lots of service), but on the way to it, we passed this Mexican restaurant where we had eaten before and I said, “You guys want Mexican for lunch?”

Elder Ogbonna and Simmons replied that they didn’t have their wallets with them, so I said jokingly, “If you want to call my mom and ask her if it’s okay for me to buy you guys lunch, I’ll do it.”

“What’s your mom’s number?” asked Elder Ogbonna– now, here’s the thing: he didn’t expect me to actually tell him my mom’s number.

I proceeded to tell him my mother’s number, not expecting him to actually CALL.

“… Hi, is this Mrs. Jensen?”

The rest is history.

We pretty much had service all day, I think, because I know we didn’t do weekly planning.


Exchanges with Elder Smith, the zone leader. We went park contacting and ran into this guy who was the epitome of “When men are learned they think they are wise”. It was interesting. On the bright side, he didn’t bash on the church necessarily.

Also, whilst tracting, we met a lady named Alma (yes), who is a trucker, and she said she would be interested to learn more; she sounded very genuine, and gave us her number and we set up a time to come back, so we hope that pans out.

It was a weird day; all of our fore-plans fell through, but our back-up plans worked out great. Taught a few lessons.


Ah yes, a classic fast Sunday. It was a weird one. Lots of people got up and told their stories, which is never too fun to listen to unless they’re short, but I got the chance to bear my testimony and what not. Afterward, we studied, then went to breakfast for dinner at the Payne’s house. They’re such an awesome family. Sister Payne got stuck in her Australian accent for, like, 30 minutes (because she served in Australia on a mission) and she just couldn’t get out. It was hilarious.

Afterward, we weekly planned.

Well, there’s my week to the best of my ability. I hope you enjoyed yours!

Elder Jensen out.


On Sun, May 7, 2017 at 9:54 PM, Jim Jensen <> wrote:

Hi Jonah,

This weekend was fast day for our ward (and probably yours too). I was proud of our family today cause everyone fasted for Grandpa Abbott. His heart is still acting up and getting out of rhythm. Anna did what I think was probably her first fast. We had Mom’s famous marinated barbeque chicken to end it and it was awesome.

 Wow, that sounds pretty nice. We had breakfast for dinner with the Payne family.

I got to bear my testimony today and it was centered around my witness of God’s love for his children. This was something I learned to understand through my callings in the church. I am so grateful for the knowledge and to have a correct understanding of the characters and attributes of the Lord.

 That’s what I bore my testimony on too

This week is Wood Badge. It’s finally here. The weather looks like it’s going to be nice (probably cold at night in the canyon). I’m looking forward to it because of the spiritual aspect of it, but it is a big sacrifice: 4 vacation days from work and the better part of two Saturdays where I won’t be able to work around the house. And we have a lot to do around the house this year. Mom and I were talking today that we’ll save some of it until this fall so you can help us. Now that you know how to work and serve! 😊 In any case, I know heavenly father will bless our family because of our efforts.

 Ha ha, alright, fair enough.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what Mom said in one of her letters about how she was looking at the leaves on the trees and thinking that those are the leaves that will be on the trees when here Jonah comes home. What a poetic thought! It has really stuck with me and given me new appreciation for the green leaves.

 Ha ha, trunky thoughts.

Sounds like this last transfer really improved things for you. Now that you’re living in “the mansion”, do you want to send us your new address? What is “the mansion” anyway? Did you ever receive the letter about family history I mailed down to Chino Hills?

Mom has my new address. She sent us some water bottles! Thanks for that, by the way, Mom. The mansion is just a house where two sets of missionaries live, as opposed to an apartment. I did get the letter; I have yet to read it though.

How did things go with Teo this week? Did you get to see him again?

We did not.

I saw that Mom told you about Ari’s engagement. That was sort of a surprise, but not really. She’s a super nice and smart girl, but always a little different. Like today in testimony meeting she got up to bare here testimony and was so emotional (she didn’t really say why) that she could barely talk and grabbed some tissue and was covering her face. She never did really ever bare much of a testimony and then sat down. It was odd, but typical Ari.

 Ha ha, she’s funny.

Well, I guess next Sunday is Mother’s Day! We get to see you again! Have you made any plans for Skyping yet? I guess that’s something you’ll have to figure out ASAP and let us know in your email today. I guess we’ll just be ready to do whatever we did last time. You can Skype me at We have church from 9-12, so any time after that. Probably best around 2-3 your time. Let us know.

 We still have not found a place to Skype yet, so I can’t let you know for certain.

Keep up the good work! You’re the best and I can’t wait to hear from you tomorrow.  All my love, Dad

On May 8, 2017, at 11:43 AM, Jonah David Jensen <> wrote:

On Sun, May 7, 2017 at 9:06 PM, Susan Jensen <> wrote:

Dear Jonah,
The end of the school year is fast approaching. Joel is going to go on a trip with Athen to California. Joel will have to miss school.
 Why are they going to California? 

Athen has a trip from work. He gets to take a guest. He’s taking Joel.
Hey, I remember you saying you wrote back to me after my last letter, but yours never came. Did you know your supposed to but the persons name at the top and the address user that? I noticed you do that backwards. The computer may not have been able to read it so it couldn’t send it. Did you send one?
 Dad explained that to me. I can’t remember if I did, honestly. I might not have. With all the transfers and what not, I can’t recall if I replied…. But I did get your letters and read them. 

Where did you have lunch the other day? Was that your companion that called or was it some other guy with an African accent? I was confused at first, then worried. I was just caught off guard. If you want to buy someone lunch you can just do it. I just wouldn’t do it regularly.
 Yeah, it was Elder Ogbonna, ha ha. I’ll explain that in my e-mail.  

I saw an interesting video on what “green pastures ” means in the scriptures. In the holy land there is and area of land that one of the names they call it is green pastures. It’s not green at all. The guy goes on to describe why the scriptures don’t actually mean that the Lord leads us to a place of ease where all we need is around us without work. The actual place they are talking about was in this video and he is a guide who does tours there. The land is rocky, dirt, seems dry and not green. He says the air has moisture. It comes in from the Mediterranean Sea. It get some rainfall but not much. If you look around each rock there is a small amount of moisture that accumulates and small amounts of grass will grow. The shepherds lead there flock along these steep mountainous trails and the sheep eat this grass as the walk. Little bits at a time. It’s work but it is sufficient. He says that’s like the Lord. If we follow his voice he will not give us all we need at once but sufficient for the day and bits at a time. It’s work. I found this interesting.
Wow, that’s super deep. I had no idea. Thanks for sharing.

Well that’s about it for me. I’ll talk to you if we can in email tomorrow. BTW Ari is engaged. I was surprised!
 Oh, wow, that’s unexpected. Is she getting married soon? Somebody from this ward knows the Whites and said there was a marriage happening soon or something, but I wasn’t sure if it was in there family or not. 

I’m not sure when it is. I had no idea she was even dating. He’s not a very big guy. He looks a bit small next to her.

Love you always!


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