So, I forgot my bag in its entirety today, so I don’t have my journal or my planner, which will make this just a fantastic party bus.

Hop aboard.


It was a weird day, from what I remember, because we didn’t have District Meeting, due to having Zone Conference on Thursday…. I’m struggling to remember; sorry. Like, this would be a lot easier if all of the days of missionary life didn’t blend together like bananas, strawberries, milk and yogurt.

Yeah, I can’t remember much, but we drove around and visited people, and had dinner with a member named Russ Blewwit. Do you know how many jokes we made about that name? At least 17,000.


We got to go to Lord’s Table again, but apparently it only really happens once per transfer now because Green Tree is selfish and wants to have all the days to themselves, but we got to eat at Apollo Burger again, which was a blessing indeed. T’was delicious.

After that, we kind of just visited people with what few miles we had remaining for the day until dinner with the Rosenthals, again, then went home. The Rosenthals are a less active family, but they’re never there for the lesson. The food is always good though.


We had Zone Conference, as previously stated, which was fun, but weird. They told us that we’re not allowed to text outside of our district anymore … but our wardmates (meaning the other set of missionaries in our ward) are not in our district. So we’re confused.

They did have a delicious lunch for us afterward, though. It was a potato bar, and as you all know, Elder Jensen can’t resist potatoes.

Afterward, we just drove around some more.


We had service for a guy who we had service for last week, because Hesperia fines people if they have weeds in their backyard, so nobody takes care of their weeds until the city is threatening their livelihood because natural man or something. I can’t blame them, they all purchase ten times more land than they can take care of, because it’s so fetching cheap.

That’s all I can remember of Friday. I know we did some weekly planning at some point.


Here’s where the clone thing comes in: I got to go on exchanges with Elder Brooksby, finally, and we are pretty much just clones of each other. Except he’s the clone of me because I’m older. We just spent the whole day talking about writing, drawing, books, My Little Pony and things of that nature, and we played some fun board games during free time we had. We literally walked for about 5 hours, if not more, so we had plenty of time to talk. It was a party.

Then, when I got back to the mansion, our house was filled with all sorts of random junk that a member from the Mojave River ward threw in our house after they moved out, because I guess they were too lazy to take it to the dump or something, so now we pretty much have to. Hurrah.


Mother’s day. Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers out there. I got to Skype home, so that was a party. That was pretty much our day, other than a roleplay that we did with the Sisters in preparation for a youth activity we’re doing.

Well, that’s all I can remember. HAGW. Have a good week.

Elder Jensen out.


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