Is Summer Going to Get Here?

On Mon, May 22, 2017 at 4:58 AM, Susan Jensen <> wrote:

Mr Jonahman! I loved getting the pictures and recipe from the member who had you over for dinner. Sounds like you loved the pizza! I’ll try her dough. I did more recently find an awesome artisan thin crust pizza dough everyone loves but I’m up to try a new one.
 I don’t know what it was, but it was just really good pizza. She makes a lot too. They apparently eat it all throughout the week. 

So how’s the working out coming along 😉? If I get a standing punching and kicking bag would you use it when you get home? I went to a kickboxing class and think you guys would like that.
 Well, again, I would be down to try karate or something. 

Laurie and I went to Park City for her birthday (it’s not for a week though). It was kind of fun and I love spending time with her but it’s such a pain to get up there and the beds sucked and I felt awful most of the next day.
 Oh, that’s not that fun. 

We had a party for the volleyball families and played capture the flag. You need to be proud of me. I chased down a 15 year old athlete in my sandals and captured her. I had to sprint harder than I ever had. And I’m not even sore. It feels good to be in decent shape!
 Ha ha, that’s good. I wonder how the 15 year old felt? 

I learned something in church. Did you know Noah’s son Ham married out of the covenant, a woman named Egyptus? He could never have the true priesthood (yet he always wanted it) because of this and so when they left the ark they moved to their own land and called it Egypt. Ham was always trying to mimic the rights and gifts of the priesthood. Things like tarot cards were started there. Many of the writing show similarities to our ordinances. Satan tries to mimic but can never have the power to save and nothing of lasting happiness will come from him.
 Wow, that’s really interesting. I didn’t know that. 

Joel stood in for a drummer in a band and was the best thing about the band! He’s talented and knows how to perform. Seminary graduation was last night. It was great! And graduation is this Thursday. It’s hard to believe all three of my little guys will be graduated high school! I can still remember the feel of holding your solid frame on my hip with your cute diapered bum. You loved me to hold you and were always so loving. Oh, I miss that. I can’t wait to have grandkids! I’m going to come snuggle and play with them all the time!
 Ha ha, alright Mom. 

Well, that’s about it. I love you!!! Please take care of yourself. Workout. We have heart issues in my family and I worry. My mom and dad are proof of that. Your body is a gift. A temple. Take care of it.
❤️ Mom

 I may not have time to write a big e-mail this week.
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