One Down

On Mon, May 22, 2017 at 5:04 AM, Jim Jensen <> wrote:

Hey Elder!

It was so great to see you on Mother’s Day! You seem to have matured so much and looked so good and happy. Time is flying and we’ll be picking you up before you know it.

Sounds like you met a good friend in Elder Brooksby. Is he from Utah?

 No, but he’s going to school at BYU.

I finished Wood Badge this week, so I’ve got that behind me; two more weeks aand I’ll be doing the stake scout camp and then these two giant projects that have been looming over me for almost a year will be behind me! Yay!

 That’s good, lol.

I saw a nice picture of you and your companion that someone sent to Mom on Saturday. Elder Ogbonna is pretty tall. He looks like a super great kid.

 Yeah, we’re the same height, I think.

I opened the pool this weekend and put tons of chlorine in. It’s almost clear, but it’s still way to cold to go swimming. This week it’s not even supposed to reach the 80s.

 Ha ha, lucky.

Joel graduates (whew!) on Thursday. I can’t believe he’s done with high school and he somehow pulled it off. He wanted to follow in Athen’s traditional footsteps and get Brazilian food at Toucanos before. The ceremony will be at the BYU Marriott Center at 730 Thursday night.

 Hey, he did tell you he was going to!

Athen’s friend Casie decided to date other people so he’s been super-bummed about that. It was bad timing, too, cause it kind of ruined his work trip for doing so well in sales at Best Buy. I am glad to see that he is drawing comfort from the gospel. I hope he realizes that the gospel is the source of all happiness, not just comfort in the time of trouble. If he could stay on the path he’s on right now, he’ll be able to find that great young woman who he can be with forever.

 That’s why I’m hoping Casie will get back with him, because if she is righteous, then it will help him be righteous too.

Sariah is now practicing more than ever in volleyball because her team is going to nationals in Florida. Mom is going to take her, but I’m staying home to save money and because I’m out of vacation days at work. (I had to give up 9 vacation days for my church calling).

 Wow, really? That’s pretty crazy. Also, that sounds kind of annoying to have to give up your vacation days, but, I guess it was probably the right thing to do lol

I’m excited for the summer. It’s going to be the best summer ever because it’s the summer that my son came home from his mission. I’m so proud of you and I’m excited for you to get going on the next phase of your life. Plus I’m really looking forward to going to the temple with you.

 Yeah, it’s an exciting time. Also kind of scary, but mostly exciting. It doesn’t seem that close, but it is.

Thanks for being such and awesome young man!

All My Love,



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