Drama Booooomb

Pretty much all of the Hesperia zone is under immense stress, but this week we got hit by it.

We went to a part member family named the Paddisons, but the husband left as soon as we got there, so that didn’t do much. Also, all of our plans feel through, so we studied Lehi’s dream as a companionship for our companionship study. That was relaxing. Only other missionaries will get that joke.
But yeah, all the plans fell through. Yay Tuesdays.
We ended the night with a Nerf war in our house. That was fun. I may or may not have lied about whether or not I got shot when I actually did.


Got a major headache in the morning, so that incapacitated me essentially until about 11 or something like that; I can’t really remember. After that, we finally got to meet with a less-active named Brother Bowker, and he’s going through some major crap and needs some major prayers in major faith. He’s such a good guy. He wants to be better.
We also met with an “investigator” named Pam, who really is only not baptized because she is on probation. She hands out the programs at church. That was an interesting meeting. We sat down with her and I asked her her hobbies.
“Shopping, eating out and sleeping,” came her reply. Awkward silence ensued. “Would you like a drink of water?” she then asked.
“I’d like some,” replied Elder Ogbonna.
Awkward silence ensued.
“Alright, then get up and get some,” she answered.
Later, the doorbell rung and she sat there. I looked at her and asked, “Should I answer it?”
She looked at me and said, “Yes.”
So I got up and approached the door, opening it, where someone asked if Hannah was home, to which I said the only thing I knew to say: “Uhm … I don’t live here,” and then I directed her to Pam.
Pam got up and talked to the lady for one sentence, then said to me, “Go get Hannah– never mind, I’ll get her.”
It was hilarious. It’s also important to note that I had never been in this home before in my life.

The wind was blowing like never before while we were at squash. We literally pulled dirt from the ground and, due to the eddy of air that formulated around our bodies, the dirt was sucked up and thrown directly into our unsheilded (and shielded, for the case of Elder Brooksby with glasses) eyeballs. It was a painful learning experience. I don’t know what we learned, though.
Everything cancelled, so that was annoying. We did meet this lady named Angela Barber, though, who is super nice and potentially interested in the gospel. She has lots of relations to members too, which helps.

A stressful, dramatic day.
Started off playing chess with Elder Tuihaa in the morning, who says I was “very good”.


And then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked; or, to interpret, we started Nerfing, and one thing led to another, and Tuihaa and Simmons were at each others’ throats (almost literally) to the point where Ogbonna and I had to stand between them. Tuihaa was basically threatening to beat Elder Simmons up, punching all the doors and crap, and we had to pretty much rebuke him. It was spooky. That kind of shot the rest of our day, because we were all just too exhausted from that. Like, just emotionally.

We just drove around all day. We used 80 miles, which is a lot compared to the usual 25. This is because we had to go deep into the mountains of our area–which was beautiful, by the way. Like, I normally would not have ever dreamt of living in Hesperia, but after that? I reconsidered, to say the least. I still won’t, but if someone told me, “You have to live in Hesperia”, I’d be down.

Weekly planning, because we didn’t on Friday. Oops….

I will inform you on what happened yesterday, because that adds to the drama bomb. So, we went to Dan’s for p-day and to have dinner with him because I love Dan and Reatha with all my heart. Apparently, though, Elder Matthews was not okay with that–and neither was the ward mission leader. Apparently, the ward mission leader decided to call the zone leaders and tell them that I had been consistently going over to Dan’s and hanging out with him over the long course of time, and that I was planning to continue to do so, and then Elder Matthews (the nugget lord serving in Santa Fe right now) told the zone leaders on us too. So tons of miscommunication commenced and Elder Ogbonna and Matthews stepped outside to talk and basically argue. Long story short, we called the zone leaders after dinner (who had called us during dinner) and explained what happened. They then told us that they were under the impression that it had been a reoccurring situation, and I told them that it wasn’t, and that we weren’t going to do it again anyway, just that it was a one time thing because I wanted to spend some time with Dan and Reatha again. They said that was fine as long as I don’t do it again, which I wasn’t planning on, and then Elder Matthews’ companion forced him to apologize to us apparently, so that’s how it ended. Also, Dan and Reatha don’t like Matthews anymore, I guess. It’s a sad story.

Wow, that’s a long e-mail. Have a good summer. See you next week.
Elder Jensen out.

Our Area: Silverwood Lake


Our Area: Silverwood Lake Part 2



Doctor and Random Pictures on Exchange


Pictures. A hummingbird nest in Dan and Reatha’s backyard.




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