Cooling Down and Heating Up

Our lives are cooling down, but the conditions of the surrounding air are heating up. Verily much so.

Elder Matthews e-mail president and whined to him and claimed that Elder Ogbonna “chastised him” for “being obedient”, and President got angry at Elder Ogbonna. It was really annoying, especially because the zone leaders said, “Yeah, don’t worry about it, as long as it doesn’t happen again.” It pissed Dan off a lot more when he found out that he told President yet again.

I realized it was the last day of May and about pooped my pants.
We met with Fred, and the best way to explain this is when you die in a video game and you have to return to the last checkpoint, because he literally reverted to the same way he was when we had last met with him.
Then, we visited Tio, which was also a return to last checkpoint, because he just wanted us to come watch him play Pickleball, and he still hadn’t read. So that was sad. He might have read this time though.

We met with Pam again, which was good, and we taught her the Restoration, but beyond that, all of our appointments fell through.
That night, we went and watched Tio play pickleball, which is basically just, like, if tennis is too hard for you because it’s too fast, and ping pong is too hard for you because it’s too small, then you’ve got pickleball. It was kind of funny. We just acted as commentators the whole time. But, Tio said he would try to read the Book of Mormon!

We got transfer info that Elder Ogbonna had to leave me…. So sad. But that’s alright, life goes on.
Also, everyone cool in Hesperia left, basically.
Elder Ogbonna just said goodbye to a lot of people.
The Rosenthal family made some delicious teriyaki chicken for us.

Service for the Payne family all day, which was a party, but also very tiring. It was Elder Ogbonna’s birthday, so they made us their delicious pizza and some crazy-awful-for-you-dessert.

I received the information that I would be with Elder Broadhead (he heh, funny because he’s in the arrowhead ward … and his name is Broadhead….).
Also, fast Sunday. I bore my testimony and now the whole ward thinks I’m trunky– which I kind of am, but not in a bad way!
Elder Ogbonna spent the day saying goodbye to peeps, then we had another dinner of ribs at the Rosenthal’s. It was very delicious.
Also, testimonies in testimony meeting were very, very strange, and I miss Utah where people are not fried from drugs. That’s all I’ll say.

Thanks for reading, all you peeps and other forms of marshmallows.
Elder Jensen out.


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