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I keep having these nightmares (not actually; they’re more of daymares) that I’ll get transferred this upcoming transfer, and I REALLY hope I don’t. If I have to transfer again, I’ll kill somebody. Sorry, just a random sidethought.

Literally nothing. We tried a flip ton of people, and nobody answered. It was unfortunate.
Also, I got distracted while I was writing and forgot to write some of the things I was thinking.

We helped some peeps in the Mojave River ward try to build up a pool, but we kind of didn’t succeed, and I may or may not have broken one of their chairs.
Tio was a “return to last checkpoint” lesson, but this time we tried to give him less to do to see if he would do it. It was still a decent lesson.
We taught Pam the Plan of Salvation, which went well. She’s an awesome lady, as fried as her brain seems to be from drugs. She’s very nice. An honest seeker of truth, I’d say.
We also taught Brother Vivas. He’s just a less-active who is really cool.

Squash for friends and Pep Boys. Awww yeah. I got super trunky because, whilst at Pep Boys, waiting for our car to finish being fixed, Elder Broadhead changed seats for no apparent reason; so I followed, only to be met by a ton of archery magazines. Hoooooooooraaaaaaaay. Funny story, though, they were all from 2009, so they weren’t anything new and exciting.
We also had lamb for dinner. It was interesting.
pic1After all that, we had ward coordination, which was fun I guess. The Bishop is awesome, ha ha. Apparently, according to him, you’re not allowed to end your time as a bishop until you’ve offended everyone in the ward (this is a joke, in case you couldn’t tell).

Pretty much weekly planning and failing to visit people. Well, I guess you could say we succeeded, but they did not let us in or answer.

We park contacted, and I discovered rapidly that truly, Elder Broadhead does not like contacting.


We tried a lot more people, and finally got to get in with Brother Gibbons, who is in the Bishopric. We want to have a dinner with him and some of our potential investigators to hopefully expose them to someone from the church and give them friends. Hurrah. Friendship is magic.

Nothing. I don’t really know why, but I just wrote nothing in my journal, and my brain is everywhere right now. I just know things fell through.

In case you can’t tell, I’m growing tired of writing these weekly e-mails–BUT, that will not stop me.

Thanks for reading,
Elder Jensen out.

On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 5:13 AM, Jim Jensen <> wrote:
Hey Elder!

Mom said she got an email with your itinerary last week! Yee haw! That is so awesome. Sorry, but we’re super-excited to have you come home and have a returned missionary living with us.
Yeah, lots going through my head about that XD

Sorry I didn’t email last week. I said I wouldn’t be able to since I was on the stake encampment, which went really well by the way. It was hot, but not killer hot cause it’s a little higher elevation. We had about 250 boys and leaders down there all week. We had just the right amount of injuries and broken bones, but no serious issues. We wore the boys down as planned and from all reports on Sunday, we think everyone had a great time.
That’s fine, I remembered that you said that you wouldn’t be able to.

So reading your last couple letters, it sounds like your mission has a little drama going on. Uh, come on, elders. You must need more work, haha.
Yeah, it’s super dumb. I’m ready to leave when the time comes.

But it sounds like you’ve got a few things going on with Fred, Tio, and Pam. We’ll pray for them and hope they don’t have to keep going back to the checkpoint. Oh, and when you get back and meet with President Sheffield to get released, don’t make fun of pickleball. He is literally an international champion for his age category. He went to Italy to play in some huge tournament and won in a couple categories.
Ha ha, that’s funny. Alright, I won’t mention it, lol.

How’s Elder Broadhead? He looks like a nice guy from your pic. Speaking of arrowheads and broad heads, I went to the rock shop in Moab and got each of the kids a little gift. Since you are into archery, I got you an arrowhead. I’ll give it to your when you get home, but here’s a picture of it for now.
He’s pretty cool. We have a lot in common, as I said to Mom. He is very nice. A little quirky, but nice.
Sweet! Thanks a ton.
And here’s a picture from my sleeping back last week. It was awesome. Have a great week! Finish strong!
Wow, that’s cool.



On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 4:59 AM, Susan Jensen <> wrote:
I got and email with your travel plans! You’ll be home by 1 pm on the 28th. Wow, it’s crazy how close that is!
Yeah, my mind is getting blown each day.
I’ve been busy painting the trim on our house. It’s a big project. It’s looking way better though! It was lame having dad gone all week. Man, I missed that hunk of burning love! Aunt Rose died, grandpa Jensens sister, and her funeral was Saturday. She was such a sweet person. She always said the kindest things to me on FB.
Awww, that’s sad to hear…. But, I guess it is “the way of all the earth”.
Sariah and I leave for nationals on Saturday. It should be pretty fun! It’s in Florida. Coleman submitted his papers. They aren’t sure if he will be able to go very far. It may just be close like Orem or Provo. We will see.
Those are both some exciting items of news. Nationals? That’s crazy. And I hope Coleman gets somewhere that he can enjoy.
Well, I’m curious to how the new companionship is going. Are you the senior companion? How do you get along? And are you still at the mansion?
It’s going well, we have a lot in common, more or less. I am the senior, not that it means anything in this mission. I am still at the mansion. I should go home from here.
Well, not much is going on here. Just a busy summer. We found a great family for our rental home. They are moving in July 1st. That’s about all. Anything you need from me? Hope to talk to you today.
I don’t think I need anything.
I LOVE you!


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