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We had the classic District Meeting. Afterward, we visited a ton of referrals and met a guy named Chris. He was passed off to us by the sisters, and he’s super cool. He’s going to try to get his friend to take the lessons with him, who had kind of taken them before, but one sister in the past turned him away because she was flirtatious, strangely enough. Usually it’s vice versa.

We did some disgusting service. We “helped this guy move” by cleaning up his horrifyingly nasty little room that he was renting out. I used my gloves for fear of something crawling out, biting my finger and causing me to go into a state of seizures as the poison slipped effortlessly through my bloodstream.
Luckily, none of that actually even came close to happening, but it was still a really nasty house. We all insta-threw our clothes in the washer afterward.
After all that, we visited the Paddisons again, who we’ll probably drop, because they’re just not progressing at all.
We also went with the Mojave River Elders to play this game invented by a member. It’s pretty fun and 1000% luck.

Appointments cancelled and what not and we did some service for a member, which we thought was gonna take a couple hours, but 50% of the time, we were just kind of standing in confusion. At the end, we had to walk up and ask if we were done, to which he said, “Oh, yeah, thanks a ton!” and what not. He told us he would see us in sacrament meeting, but he did not.

We visited people in the morning and did weekly planning in the afternoon, because it was hotter than the dickens out, as it has been for the past while. It’s miserable.
Tio finally read something; it was the pamphlet. But he still won’t read the Book of Mormon. We’re thinking that we’ll probably drop him next time if he doesn’t actually read the Book of Mormon, because we’re not really making progress with him.
Also, want to know that the Lord answers prayers? Listen to this experience right here:
We were driving home from a failed appointment that morning. Pretty much everything had fallen through, and we were going back about 30 minutes early to have lunch. It was 12:00. We were on the main street leading back to our house when I said, “I’m gonna’ call the Mojave River Elders and see if they need a ride home.”
“I don’t think they do,” began Elder Broadhead in reply. “They said thy’re busy until 12:30 this morning.”
I shrugged and slid the phone out of my pocket. “Oh well, you never know.”
So I called and Tuihaa answered, and he sounded very excited when we offered to pick them up. We came to find out that 30 seconds before, they had prayed that someone would give them a ride home because it was so hot. They were just starting to walk to a member to get a ride when we called.
Let’s do the math: 10 seconds to call + 15/20 seconds for Broadhead and I to discuss it + or – any time that human error supplies in both their comment and my math, it seems to have literally been an instantaneous prompting.
Next level.

We started playing a roleplaying game as a house, and we’ve been having a fun time with that lately. Funny stories that I would tell if only everyone would understand them. I will forebear.
As far as the day is concerned though, not much happened. We really struggled to get out of dinner with the Barrett family in a decent time, but they kept pulling us back in. It was kind of funny. It was this strange vortex of, “Oh, you’ve got to go? Are you sure? Oh, okay. Well,” and then they would begin a story, and then after five minutes, say, “Oh, yo’ve got to go? Are you sure you don’t want to stay and play another game? Oh, okay. Well,” etc. etc.

We had dinner with the Paynes again. It had been a while since they were up with most of you in Utah. Not with you, but in the same vicinity. Isn’t it crazy how I’m literally not even that far, yet it feels like I’m in a different world?
Anyway, we all shared stories about times with our fathers for fathers day, and for the thought we talked about righteous fathers, and I would just like to say that I’m grateful for my righteous father who’s been such a good example to me all of my life. Thanks, Dad! Happy Father’s day!

Thanks for reading, errybody.
Elder Jensen out.

On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 6:43 AM, Susan Jensen <susan.jensen@hotmail.com> wrote:
Hello my wonderful boy! I hope your week has been good. I’m in Florida for nationals. First game just sucked. Florida is humid but it hasn’t bothered me. Not too crazy hot. I kinda like the warm air that feels like a blanket. But it’s been mostly cloudy. We went to the beach the first day. Nice beach. Not amazing but nice. I wouldn’t want to live here but it’s fine.
I hope the teaching is coming along for you guys. I loved your video! I still never could see the pictures. Not much has happened this week so I’ll wait to hear from you. I love you! And here’s a picture of a house that fell from Heaven.


Wait, what is that house?

On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 5:23 AM, Jim Jensen <jim.jensen@live.com> wrote:

Hey Elder!

Hope you had a great week. It sure flew by for me. It was pretty stressful because we’ve been having some growing pains at work with a couple of our new products and it’s affecting our business with Toyota. There’s a meeting with Toyota in Dallas this Friday that I spent a lot of last week preparing for, but now it sounds like I may not have to go to.
Mm, that’s stressful.

Hopefully this week will be better.

I didn’t get to look at a lot of your pictures and video last week because the permissions weren’t set right. Hopefully you got requests to access from me. It’s so weird that the permissions always get messed up when you share. You have to look at the share option and look for a way to change it to “anyone with the link can view”. Or if you’re always putting them in the same folder, just set the permissions on the folder to “public”. Another thing may be that when you invite me to Google Drive stuff you have to use my jim.jensen.mail@gmail.com email address cause I don’t have an account on my Live address.
Yeah, I set it to do that, but sometimes it doesn’t work. I don’t know, when I get home, I’ll just pretty much post all the pictures on Facebook and you guys can look through my camera.

Mom somehow got your video though and it was hilarious! You’re getting pretty good at your gay voice. Haha! The mansion looks like quite the nice place. When we watched that we were hoping you boys aren’t trashing the place too much.
We try to keep it relatively clean. Some past missionaries have really made the walls look like trash, but what we can control we do.

Mom left for Orlando and Sariah’s last volleyball tournament of the season. They went straight to the beach when they got there. I’m sure they’re going to have a fun week.
Ha ha, doesn’t surprise me.

I spent all Saturday working in the yard. Joel helped me cut down some big branches off the trees by our fire pit and load up several months worth of yard junk we’d been piling on the side of the house. When I told him we had to get it all into my pickup bed, he was like, “No way! It is physically not possible to get al that in.” I told him we had to and we cut the branches down until it all crammed in. He was amazed.
Ha ha, that’s funny. You know, until you just said that, I wasn’t even sure if you actually got a truck. Mom mentioned it once in passing like, a year ago and I’ve never even seen a picture or been told what kind of truck it is.

Sorry. Possibly the only thing more boring than doing yardwork is reading about someone else doing it.

Sounds like the work is a little better right now with Tio, Pam and Brother Vivas. We’ll keep them in our prayers. Your mission blog at https://elderjonahjensen.com is coming along nicely, so don’t give up on writing the emails yet!
Ha ha, I won’t. How long is that supposed to stay up?

Looks like you guys are in for a major heat wave this week. Good luck with that!

Now for the email topic. Elder Ben King came home on Wednesday and had his homecoming address on Sunday. This should open the floodgates of missionaries coming home this summer. Tyler Jones (not sure if you know/remember him) got his call to the Philippines last week. Leaves August 9th.
Wow, that’s pretty cool.

I loved Ben’s talk. It was so good to see/hear from him. One story he told particularly touched me. He said that he was having a hard time with one of his companions in the Washington DC South mission and things weren’t going very well for him during that portion of his mission. He was sort of getting down in the dumps about things. One day they had done a lot of tracting and had nothing but rejections and no-answers. He and his companion were walking back together and he said he must have looked really depressed as they slogged along toward home. Then a car that had BYU Cougar stickers all over it went by. A guy with a BYU hat was driving and saw them walking down the street. He rolled down the window and yelled, “Elder! Elders! Don’t give up! Don’t give up! It’s true! It’s true!”, and then kept on driving by.
Ha ha, that’s awesome. Prayers are answered in mysterious ways. It’s great.

I just love how Heavenly Father sends little bits of help and encouragement along the way just as you most need it. What a great message for that guy to yell. I feel like he was an angel to Ben and his companion. Sometimes we get so myopic and caught up in the minutiae we fail to stand back and comprehend that most glorious fact of all. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in upstate New York in 1820 and called him to restore the gospel. They sent angels and prophets to assist in the great work and somehow they laid the foundation for all the great and glorious works we see around us today with the priesthood and temples, and the whole church organization. It is miraculous, really. And we’re so blessed to live during this time. I wish I could always keep the simple and profound thought in my mind, “It’s true! It’s true!”.
I really hope I can maintain that through my life. It’s a scary thought, thinking about going less-active, and I really hope I never forget to read my scriptures and pray. Elder Brown once said, while we were walking along, “If one day, you hear that I’m less-active, call me up and tell me to quit being lazy; because the only real reason anyone ever really goes less-active is because they don’t want to keep the commandments.”

I know that it is. I’m so grateful to have you coming home in a couple months. You’ve done such an awesome job and I’m so proud of you. We have all been blessed because of your sacrifice.

Keep the faith and finish strong, my son!

All my love,



On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 11:30 AM, Jim Jensen <jim.jensen@live.com> wrote:
Quick answers.

Yep got a truck like a year ago. It’s a silver F-150.  That’s a good truck. cool

Elderjonahjensen.com can stay up as long as we want!

Btw, I just posted your video from last week up there like 30 minutes ago.



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