Letters From Home

Jonah didn’t send his weekly email, so here are the responses to the letters we sent.

On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 5:20 AM, Susan Jensen <susan.jensen@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hello Elder! What a week! Florida was nice. The girls played their best some times and not so good some times. They placed 31st out of 500. If they played consistently they could be much higher. They have the skills but not the mental toughness.
That’s pretty cool, though. Nice work.

We arrived Saturday and went to the beach that evening. The beach is warm and very humid. Sticky. The water is warm. I’m not a beach fan so I don’t really care what it’s like. Sariah was in heaven. I was with another mom and her daughter and another girl.
I don’t care for the beach either. I’d rather be on a mountain or something. Speaking of which, Dad needs to take us skiing again.

Sunday we had a nice breakfast at our condo then a devotional. It was nice. They had a little practice in the middle of the day. We had dinner then hung out by the pool at the condo.
Monday we were up bright and early and at the conference center. We had a group dinner and then went to the mall. We got to bed early so we could get rested for games.
Tuesday after games we went paddle boarding. I was one of only two parents who would do it. It was so fun. And the lake water was warm. Like a pool. Once I got out to the middle of the lake and it was time to row back there was wind and waves and I had moved to my knees. I towed and towed and it wasn’t moving. Everyone was way ahead of me. Sariah’s coach came and showed me how I was too far forward on my board and it was pushing the tip down. Wish I would have known sooner. I was pretty tired by then so he had me hold onto the role of his board and he paddled me in. He said the weight of pulling me actually made it easier. So that was kinda fun. I wasn’t planning on doing the paddle board because the other parents weren’t going so I hadn’t dressed in clothes that could get wet. Laying down on the board got me wet. It was not comfortable so we had to go buy me some pants since we weren’t planning on heading home yet and I was freezing and super wet.

Wednesday we just hung out after the games. Thursday was the last day of games and the girls finished early so we all went to the beach as a team. The girls had so much fun! And the parents are so wonderful. Arlene was the other mom I was staying with and she was so fun! I just love her. She was married twice before her current marriage. Wasn’t active in the church. Was single for 10 years and got active. She finally married a guy with 14 kids that is 10 years older than her. She said it was only by Heavenly Fathers guidance that she married him. He was not what she thought she wanted. She says now she sees he was the best thing for her. She says he’s the best husband. He’s a former seminary principal but has been a lawyer for years.

Friday was the last day there. We went on an airboat and saw alligators. It was very cool! I’m going to add some pics to this and a video of the alligators. Watch it all the way. It’s cool.
Sounds like you had a really fun week.
It is nice to be home. Dad and I had an amazing hike Saturday. I think he is sending you a video. Don’t know if you can watch.

I hope you have had a wonderful week, even through the heat. I love you sweetie!!
I love you too



On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 5:22 AM, Jim Jensen <jim.jensen@live.com> wrote:

Hey Jonah,

Can’t believe it’s P-day again! Wow last week flew by fast. If the rest of the summer goes by like that, you’ll be home in no time. But don’t get trunky. Finish strong!
Ha ha, I’m trying my best not to. It can be hard.

In your letter last week you mentioned you followed up on a “ton” of referrals. Where do all those referrals come from? Has anything else happened with them yet?
Well, by a ton I mean two. They just came from other missionaries. But nothing else has happened with them yet. We’re trying to get back in contact with him.

I heard there was a little fire out your way last week. Up by Big Bear lake. We had our own little fire on Saturday, but they did a great job of putting it out. It helps that there’s a ton of rock and not much fuel where it started.
Lots of fires lately. Weird stuff.

This is upon on the hill behind the gravel pit at the mouth of American Fork Canyon.


Just curious. Does Tio even know how to read? A lot of people won’t read the Book of Mormon because the can’t/don’t read. What do you do with people like that? Are we saying it’s a lot harder to be saved if you don’t know how to read?
Yeah, he can read. He just needs glasses.

I loved your prayer story! The Lord takes care of his missionaries. I think it is so cool how you guys are so connected through the Spirit. And it must be awesome for you to be sensitive enough to follow those subtle promptings. Even when you have someone right there saying your prompting is wrong. I hope you spend the rest of your life working on refining that skill and teaching your children how to develop it.
I do too. It’s way nicer to have the spirit than not

I hope you got the picture of the truck. The week went by quickly, but it was a rough week at work. Some of our leaders were so stressed out about our meeting with Toyota on Friday that they lost all common sense. The meeting actually ended up going WAY better than anyone expected (except me). Hopefully this week people will calm down and things will get back to normal.
Ha ha, you expected it to go that well?

With Mom and Sariah gone last week, it was pretty quiet around here. It was mostly just me and Anna and/or Joel for dinner. Kind of weird.
That does sound different. Basically like missionary life.

We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Abbott last night to have dinner and help with some things around the house. Athen was saying he is planning on getting an apartment with a couple guys from Best Buy and moving out this summer. That will be perfect timing so you’ll have a place when you move back.
That’s pretty cool. Does he know where?

Mom and I took a beautiful hike up to Horsetail Falls on Saturday. Dry Creek is running super-high so the falls were amazing. Here’s a picture and I’ll try to link a short video below as well.
Nice. Looks pretty. I miss it.


Like most outdoor photos, the camera really doesn’t do justice to the actual falls. You can’t tell how much water is pouring over.
No, it doesn’t— but at least it’s better than my camera, oddly enough.

Hope you have a great week. It’s fast Sunday next week, so let us know if there’s anything you need us to fast for.
Just that we can find new people to teach, or that our investigators will read and pray about the Book of Mormon.

All my love,



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