Holiday Week

Sort of. Just two of them.

Happy America day, gents!
That’s mostly all of what happened. District meeting was good. There’s this Elder named Elder Honeycutt, and he makes everything hilarious. He’s super trunky; he goes home this upcoming week.
Anyway, we had to go in early because of the whole 4th of July thing. Speaking of which, I wonder why we call it 4th of July so much, rather than Independence Day? Who really knows.
Again, we just tried to visit people. Not many have been home. Probably because summer break and stuff.

I kept getting these e-mails telling me that I need to do this thing called “My Plan”, which is this thing for missionaries to make them trunkier, and also to help them plan ahead for when they go home, so I thought that I needed to go do My Plan, so we did that, and when I got there, it told me I didn’t need to do it until my last transfer, so there’s that. Elder Broadhead had to use the computers to get some music on his iPod though, so I went on and stuff.

Squarsh for friends. There’s a guy at the farm named Mark who kind of works there, and he genuinely does call it squarsh. I have no clue why.
Anyway, me and this other missionary named Elder Plautz teamed up and planted a bunch of cucumbers or something; some of those plants were half as tall as me; and we had to untangle them and all that junk. Also, there’s one constant in Hesperia, California, and that is wind. There is always wind in Hesperia—sometimes more than we can handle; always wind, that is, except on days of squash. It was hot.
Also, after that, we went and gave a blessing to a lady at the Victor Valley hospital in Green Tree, and then found out that it was not the Victor Valley hospital, so that was fun. We drove to a different hospital and gave her a blessing and she talked to us for time and all eternity. We had to walk away while she was trying to talk to us because she talked so much. I found out, too, that she was the grandma of a boy I knew in Santa Fe ward. So there’s that.

Happy birthday to AthenWeekly planning and visiting peeps. We really need new investigators. It’s hard.

Elder Broadhead made this surprisingly tasty meal for lunch. It was just cooked spam, pork and beans and rice. I enjoyed it. I don’t know if it was terribly healthy, but his Hawaiian companion taught it to him. They apparently like spam a lot, I guess? Is that right, Garrett? I don’t even know if you read this one.
Afterward, we visited the same peeps, but at least we saw Carrie this time, our investigator. She was hurting and stuff, so she couldn’t stay and talk, and she wasn’t able to make it to church, sadly. Something called a heel spur.
Also, there’s this game in this mission that I should’ve told you about, it’s called Poop and Seek. It’s where one missionary goes to poop, so you run around, turn out all the lights in the house and hide, so that when the missionary comes out from the pooper, he has to come find you.

Throughout the day I listened to this oratory about the life of Jesus Christ called “Lamb of God” by Rob Gardner, and it is super good. I’ve listened to it before, but as I was listening to it this time I really felt the spirit strongly. I got kind of emotional thinking about the phrase that Christ is the resurrection and the life, and when it got to the part of Christ being crucified, I felt a sense of indignation about it, giving me a bit of a hint into what it must’ve been like to be an apostle at that time and witness our own Lord and Savior being so cruelly martyred. It was really emotional to me, and I’m very grateful for the sacrifice of God’s Only Begotten.

Thanks for reading. I hope you all have a great week.
Elder Jensen out.


On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 5:21 AM, Jim Jensen <> wrote:
Hey Elder,

How was your week? Ours was super-hot and I bet yours was hotter.
I won’t take that bet. I know mine was hotter.

I hope you got a chance to celebrate the 4th on the 4th. Do they allow fireworks down there? Seems like they should be legal since everything looks so dead that if everything burned down, probably no one would notice…
Ha ha, I don’t know if they do, honestly. We heard one firework go off on the 4th and another on the 5th.

We had a some family over. Mike and Laurie, John’s family with Amy’s Mom. My Mom, and Susan’s niece Misty, with her fiancé and baby. It was hot and fun. I was thinking that I was glad that it is the last holiday that you will miss with our family. (Other than Athen’s and Mom’s birthdays).
At least you guys have a pool to get in when it’s hot, ha ha.

I’ve heard Reggie is home, but so far I haven’t seen him, other than some bad photos from Facebook Mom showed me. Yesterday at church Dallin Cahoon and Ethan Brunson both gave their farewell talks. Dallin pointed out something cool. In Section 75, the Lord names a few companionships for missions. Verses 33-34 say: “Also my servant Hyrum Smith and my servant Reynolds Cahoon; and also my servant Daniel Stanton and my servant Seymour Brunson;” Reynolds Cahoon is one of Dallin’s ancestors and Seymour Brunson is one of Ethan’s ancestors. So two of their great, great, great, grandchildren were going into the MTC on the same day. Funny.
Holy cow, that’s super awesome XD I love that.

Sariah also gave a talk before the two soon-to-be Elders. She did a great job, but man was she nervous. Apparently she has an irrational fear of getting up in front of people, which is so weird because she is so confident in other things. But many she was in tears begging us to let her off the hook. But we were proud, cause ultimately she ended up doing it anyway.
That’s good. It does seem uncharacteristic of her, though.

Athen had his 22nd birthday this week. It was kind of a normal day. We got him a 7-round magazine for his handgun (yea, he carries now) with some 45 caliber ammo. Later, we headed down to Orem for some pizza. He didn’t do much else, cause most of his friends have gotten married now or have sort of moved on in life.
Really, he got a handgun? That’s pretty cool. And he has a permit to carry it?

We finished painting the trim on the house on Saturday. It looks a LOT better. I think you’ll like it. I had to fight the Wasp Wars to finish the side over the garage. There were dozens of wasps nesting up under the eves literally right where I had to paint. I went through two cans of Raid and the final score was Me: 30, Wasps: 0. It helps to be more intelligent than an insect.
Wow, that’s a lot of wasps XD Sounds fun. And potentially frightening at the thought of them surviving and attacking.

Joel went to Seattle this week to visit his friend Calvin and have what he is calling his senior trip. He should have a great week and has already said it’s the most beautiful scenery he’s been to. He comes home on Saturday.
Apparently there’s half of Washington that’s beautiful and another half that looks, pretty much, like Hesperia.

Sariah has her learner’s permit and has been driving us around everywhere. She’s doing really well. Anna went camping with Aunt Laurie’s family this weekend and a four-year-old accidentally hit her in the head with a rock and it started bleeding and she freaked. Fun times. She’s home safe and sound now. Haha.
Poor Anna, ha ha. I’m glad she didn’t exercise her wrath on them.

Mom mentioned that we were invited to her niece, Misty’s, sons first birthday part on July 23. I thought about that and how it’s not that far away and by the time we’re there it will be only a month left for you. Man, this is so cool. We heard Ryan M is headed home the first week of August. I know Garrett is coming home in there somewhere, but I can’t remember the date. Crazy times.
Yeah, it’s really weird to think. I can’t believe July is almost half over too….

We love you, brother. Keep the faith and finish strong! You’re the best.

All my love,



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