The Iron Curtain Comes Down

The Hesperia A zone and Hesperia B zone are officially combined this transfer. This is something I have been expecting since the beginning of my mission. I have witnessed a peace treaty between two sort-of-great-but-not-really nations. I didn’t know if the iron curtain would fall in my lifetime, but it did. We are now:
The Hesperia Unified Confederacy.
Just kidding, we’re just one Hesperia zone, finally.

Wow, last district meeting of the transfer. I witnessed two missionaries give their final testimonies to the district and it was spoopy because that’s coming up for me. Only 6 more weeks; that’s just so crazy. It’s not real. It’s NOT I TELL YOU.
I also forgot my journal this week. Sorry.
Human Memory: Being Jogged.
OH! I recall one thing. We did a lemonade stand to hope to give out supplies and stuff, and it went decently. It was at LEAST a nice break from tracting.

I really wish I could remember. Sorry, guys, we were in a rush today to get places and that’s why I forgot my journal. If I can’t recall, I doubt anything significant happened.

I genuinely have no clue. Again, I know that nothing significant happened, at least.

We went to a buffet with our housemates and got the call for transfer information. Also, as part of the transfer information, Elders Simmons and Tuihaa were asked to basically immediately switch living places with Elders Plautz and Phillips, so now Elders Plautz and Phillips are living with us. Which is significantly more enjoyable, I might add.
We spent the whole day moving them in/out.

We did the lemonade stand again, which was a lot better, since it was a Saturday. There were LOTS of kids that came and took our supplies, and a few adults. Oh well, though, what matters is that they’re placed in someone’s home.

Not much. Church takes up most of the day. This is the day we received the info about the zone doing its thing. I tried to fix a Nerf gun too, but that didn’t work. It was frustrating.

Well, there’s my dry week. I’m lucky I remembered the lemonade stand thing. It was fun.
So, I’m here in Arrowhead until I die. Huzzah.

Elder Jensen out.


On Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 7:58 AM, Jim Jensen <> wrote:
Hey Jonah!

Seems like I just wrote to you! Not much happened this week, which was actually kind of nice.

Reggie was funny in his talk yesterday. At the beginning, he said everything he is about to say will come to us courtesy of the Federal Heights Mission and the color green. (I guess everything was green in WA where he was.) I thought, ‘Jonah will probably say that everything is brought to us by the color brown’. 😊
Very true. You don’t know what weeds are like until you’ve been a missionary in Hesperia.
Joel sounds like he had a fun time in Seattle last week at Calvin’s. It was good for him to get away for a while. Unfortunately, he didn’t take many pictures or tell us much about his trip other than he had fun.
Probably didn’t think about taking pictures much.
I’m headed to Fargo tonight. (I know, how cool!) I’ll be back tomorrow night.
Where’s Fargo?
I got to teach high priests yesterday and we talked about how service to others is a cure for any form of sadness. We reviewed President Hinckley’s letter that he sent his dad when he first got to his mission saying he was wasting his time and his father’s money. Then his dad (who was the stake president at the time) wrote back, “Gordon, forget yourself and go to work.” Does that sound about right to you?
Ha ha, yeah, that’s a really cool letter. It’s very true.
We had FHE last night on some church research I got from Wood Badge about young missionaries not being able to handle the transition from the cushy life at home to being on a mission. Any advice you have for Joel and Athen?
I don’t know, probably. You just have to get used to having less of everything and handling things on your own, I guess. Like, I had never touched a thermostat until I came on my mission, honestly. I don’t really know if there’s anything that I can say that can prepare someone for living on their own better than a mission will, and I don’t know if there’s anything that can really quite prepare you for a mission. It’d be easier to say in person….
In the research it also noted how returned missionaries have a much high chance of being married in the temple and having a temple recommend when they are 38. Also, a better chance to graduate college and be a manager at work. All around, you’re much better off if you can serve a mission.
I would agree. It’s like a cushion to the hard world in my opinion. Helps you learn all these life skills without actually throwing you into the fire if you fall.
We are getting so excited to see you. We talk about it every single day. It’s going to be so cool.
I agree. It is exciting to think about. 42 days. I only know that because that’s how long a transfer is.
Have a great week! And talk to you soon.



From: Susan Jensen
Sent: Sunday, July 16, 2017 5:10 PM
To: Jonah Jensen; Jim Jensen
Subject: 6!

Hey Jonahman!! Time is flying. They are getting the back to school stuff in at the store and getting rid of the summer stuff. I hate that! Busy week ahead. Work is busy, Sariah has drivers ed and volleyball plus privates for VB, Anna has a karate camp all week. This week will zoom by. Looks like the Brede’s will be here when you come home!! So they will go out to dinner with us for Joel’s bday and your homecoming dinner. It’s so cool that you come home on his bday.
I loved your card to Athen. So funny! He’s wanting to get moved out soon and you’ll have that room to yourself.
So something to think about when you get home. You’ll need to find a job that will let you have that week off for Hawaii. So probably not something in retail. Maybe you’ll need to get something to just get you by until after the trip. Athen can’t come to the first two days of the trip. So if you are thinking of Best Buy it may have to wait.
Enough about the future. How has your week been? Reggie had his homecoming and he lamented how hard tracting is and how it never works. it seems he had some success with it. How do you feel about it? So from what I remember you had one girl get baptized that you found to teach. Other elders got to baptize her though. You got to baptize those two ladies in the beginning who had been being taught. I wonder how they are doing. Tell me if you feel like any other seeds were planted. Have any been planted this week? I think even if nobody accepted the gospel message but you were changed by your mission, if your testimony is strengthened then it was a success. All the Lord ask is that we thrust in our sickle. Things may be happening in the hearts of people who didn’t even accept.
I’m sure it’s been crazy hot there. It’s been bad here too! We’ve had a couple fires on the mountain by Alpine.
Are you planning on attending the singles ward or ours? You, Joel, and Athen should take an institute class together.
So how is your companion? You get along ok? And how long does he have left? Do you know sister Hughes? Her mom is on FB and it looks like she comes home on the flight with you but she has to switch planes in SLC to go to Georgia.
Do you meet much with the mission president? I don’t hear much about him. You said once what a great man he is.
Well, I hope I get a chance to talk to you tomorrow. Love you always!!

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